It's even worse than it appears..
Tuesday November 15, 2022; 4:24 PM EST
  • I’ve been reading a lot of music history. When a new album came out, every musician would listen, in the first days. They’d go to their shows. Listen and let it affect their own creative process.#
  • The Beatles went to a Jimi Hendrix show in London and heard him cover Sgt Pepper, a week after the album came out!#
  • In software years and years go by and no one looks. Can you believe a book about innovation in languages came out, and no chapter about Frontier. All the new ideas, still not in the vocabulary of designers, decades later, I hope not lost to history.#
  • People who think of themselves as friends of mine not willing to spend even five minutes to find out what FeedLand or Drummer are. The first has been out for a month, the latter, a year.#
  • If you think you’re practicing software art, but you’ve got yourself cloistered and protected from outside influence, you are a pretender, not an artist.#

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