It's even worse than it appears..
For All Mankind is incredibly lame. There is one moment where there's a bit of The Expanse feel to it, when the daughter is docking with the big ship. I thought "yes that's what this could have been." It gets a turd rating on my Bingeworthy list.#
What's cool about watching the Speaker rollcall for the fourth time is that we get to review the sheer size of the House, hearing the name and voice of every member. It's real, a new kind of programming. #
I want to find Drummer or FeedLand users who are on so I can follow. If you see this please send me an email. Thanks! 💥 #
2015: 'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.#
I can't stop watching this video. I want to know who each of the performers are. And the stories of each of the soldiers. I have a favorite, but they're all fascinating. I have a lot of Russian blood, my grandparents spoke Russian to each other. I could see a TV series like Lost based on the characters in the video.#
I tuned into a Laura Ingraham interview last night on Fox with one of the 20 reps who voted against McCarthy. His problem is that McCarthy works with Dems to do things that he ran against. What else could he do. Made sense, even though I don't support the things he stands for. #
  • Looking for products that can interop on the basis of RSS or OPML primarily. That's what I've invested in most heavily. #
    • FeedLand for RSS.#
    • Drummer for OPML.#
  • Though there is crossover. #
    • Drummer can read an RSS feed.#
    • FeedLand products OPML feed lists.#

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