Saturday, March 07, 1998 at 2:09:44 PM Pacific

Caught Between the ISPs

I got an email this morning from Antonio Salerno, antonio@conxion.com, the CEO of Conxion, our ISP.

His email was in response to an email from Thomas.Trussell@alltel.com. I don't know Mr Trussell, but he wanted to get thru to my website, and had sent an email to his ISP, Agis.

He attached an email from James K. Hood, James@agis.net, the DNS and Systems Administrator for Agis.

It's a common bind I guess, I have no idea what Mr. Hood is talking about. Conxion sure seems like an ISP to me.

I'm a customer of theirs. It seems like Conxion has done everything possible here. This mess has been going on for at least a year.

Tell me what *you* think.

Salerno's letter to Trussel

I hope that as of right now, all customers of AGIS can see ConXioN sites, including scripting.com and that this will get even better over the next few days. I will only say that we have over 110 peers, including all the major backbone providers, cover all the exchange points, and are building a network that will be the envy of the entire industry.

As you probably know, the Internet is sometimes not a friendly place. We have attempted for **years** to "peer" with all the major networks on the Inet. Some have been extremely difficult to come to agreement with, although no one would question that we run the cleanest, most high- performance network around. Forget the politics, technically we have always walked the talk. Until very recently, there was **only one** network that would not peer with us, but hopefully we are both doing the right thing by our respective customers and this will get even better in the future.

As you probably know, we handle the InterNIC itself, with their one and only T3. As well as their replicated servers everywhere. And also Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. Watch for a new announcement from us for a capacity greater than the current entire Internet, combined.

60 Terabytes/day. 10,000 servers.

Trussell's email to me

I hope you still check your Well email address (after all, it's the one listed at the InterNIC) because I can't reach you through Scripting.com, at least not from work. I have been trying to connect to scripting.com for MONTHS, trying to read the latest about Frontier. After successfully getting in from another ISP it occurred to me last week that I could try writing the NOCs at the Internet providers to get to the bottom of the problem.

I forwarded one of the responses (below) from the ISP my employer uses. Are you aware that ConXion does not peer with everyone, so your sites are not accessible from everywhere? Of course, I'm getting the AGIS view on things -- maybe AGIS is the only one they don't peer with!

My email was not received by ConXion, so I don't have their view on this issue. If you would like any additional information, please email me! (The alltel.com address may not work from scripting.com, but my other address should.)

From Hood to Trussell

The reason that you have been unable to reach ConXion hosts from your AGIS-based site is that AGIS does not peer with ConXion. ConXion is a content provider that won't purchase connectivity through any provider; they rely solely on peering contracts with other backbones. Unfortunately, ConXion does not meet AGIS' peering requirements (see our Network Operations page on www.agis.net for details on peering requirements) so no traffic can pass between AGIS and ConXion because of a lack of routing between the two.

Previously, ConXion *had* a regular transit connection through ANS I believe, but cut if off after they started peering with some backbones. ConXion does not peer with everyone because some backbones have requirements similar to ours, therefore there are many people out on the internet who cannot reach ConXion because of their unwillingness to retain a transit connection through at least one provider.

It's unfortunate that ConXion chooses to shut themselves off from a large portion of the internet considering the relatively cheap cost of getting one or a few connections somewhere from some provider.

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