Thursday, March 12, 1998 at 1:03:33 PM Pacific

O'Reilly's Frontier Book

I read much of Matt's book yesterday. I had two longish plane flights, and got about halfway thru, and I learned a bunch about Frontier that I had forgotten.

Matt is an incredible writer and really gets Frontier. Yes, I have a couple of quibbles (it's an object database not an online database). But for every one of those there are five things that had me rolling on the floor. Yes, Dave, don't use the screwdriver! (A different Dave. You have to read the book to get the joke!)

It was interesting for me to revisit the decisions I made, some almost ten years ago, that I never think about now, until I read Matt's book.

It's going to be awkward to support, given that it's about Frontier 4.2.3/Mac, but I think everyone who is serious about Frontier should get the book, even people with lots of experience and even if you're using the Windows version of Frontier. There's a ton of info in this book that is available nowhere else, that's still fully relevant in 5.0, and much of it will be relevant in future versions.

And we have to work out a process for this stuff because the pace of change is continuing, and by the time 5.1 comes out... You get the idea.


PS: Our animal is a bison.

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