Friday, April 10, 1998 at 7:06:01 AM Pacific

Java is a Monster

In response to yesterday's piece, The Java Balloon, I got a raft of mail from people who I confused. Maybe I write too quickly? I'm still learning.

Java is a monster

Lots of people are developing in it. For the first time we're seeing commercial-quality Java stuff.

I said this in Oh Netscape!, earlier this week:

Three years later, the Java hype is over. VCs won't touch it, which is ironic because people developing in Java are finally starting to ship commercial quality results.


Java is a lot like the Newton or Palm Pilot. It takes a few years for new environments to gestate. Patience pays. It's a long-term bet.

Java in DaveNet

Of course you don't have to agree with me, but when saying I'm wrong, consider all that I said, not just one piece.

Also, if you're new to DaveNet, look at what I said about Java last year. Then, engage in debate.

It's quite frustrating to me to get a response saying You're wrong! when I actually agree with what the writer is saying.

Software is a process

Java, like all software, is a process. It's been directed. The owner of the software tried to steer it into selling other products. It's not surprising.

But a lot of people I hear from, when looking at the issues, fail to examine the interests of the corporations involved.

A lot of the thinking is simplistic and ignores important facts, IMHO.

It's shaking out

So where is Java as of Spring 1998?

It's shaking out now. Definitely in motion.

Is a Java a platform? Some people think so.

Is Java just a programming language for creating Windows apps, just like C++? Other people think so.

Even the strongest Java proponents say it is still searching for its purpose. Is it for the server? Databases? User interfaces? It depends on who you ask.

I've said it over and over, Java has legs because people are investing in it.

Now Java is becoming bigger than Sun. That's good!

Does that clear up my point of view?

I hope so. Now, onward...

Dave Winer
April 10, 1998

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