Wednesday, April 15, 1998 at 9:17:23 AM Pacific

Kevin Lynch Responds

Kevin Lynch, klynch@macromedia.com, is Macromedia's vice-president and general manager for Internet and Multimedia Authoring Tools.

His message is in response to yesterday's Flash and PGML.

Kevin Lynch Responds

The survey on Flash versus PGML is interesting, but I think it presents a conflict that isn't true or necessary.

A combination of binary and text formats (such as GIF or PNG binary formats and HTML or XML text) are used together on the web, chosen by designers according to what's most appropriate for their work. The same will be true for vector design -- both a compact binary standard and a larger text standard will be available.

Macromedia is contributing the open .swf vector format to the web, and we hope it will be widely used as the compact binary standard. Its proven performance and small size enable great designs to transmit quickly over 28.8 modems.

We also believe it's important to have a future text format for vectors. Macromedia is working to help define this and will be participating as standards working groups are formed. Such a format will be useful in allowing scripts to modify content and to exchange designs between tools.

I also believe that designers will be interested in compressing this format to the binary form to get the smallest possible size on their web pages, just as everyone compresses GIFs today.

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