Scripting News -- September 1998

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Wired: The Little OS That Could.

Web Review: Patent Nonsense.

SJ Merc: Barnesandnoble.com is not Amazon. "Trying to go over to the Amazon market is dangerous because Amazon is moving away from that market, and then what is Barnes & Noble going to do?''

Better question: What is Amazon going to do? As an Amazon fan and customer, I strongly advise them to read Marketing Warfare by Ries & Trout. Line extension is killing their brand. If they want to sell audio CDs, start a new brand.

Oooops! It's not a good day to point at Amazon.

By including this image on the Scripting News home page you're helping us burn-in our new server. Thanks!

BTW, sorry for the slowdown in new stuff on this server. We're putting most of our energy into the new one. When it's online there will be a lot of new features on Scripting News. We're calling it Nirvana, because that's what we want to create. And yes, we're still diggin!

Tuesday, September 29, 1998

Chicago Tribune: The advantages of XML.

Wired: Netscape, Intel put on Red Hat.

We're going to learn more about Allaire's WDDX.

Infoworld: Nicholas Petreley hosts a discussion on scripting languages.

XMLTP.ORG is getting started.

Great idea! This is what XML-RPC does. Hope we can work together.

Cygnus: Native Java Compiler. Does Sun have one of these? Microsoft?

Many do, says Greg Bolsinga from Metrowerks.

ESPN: Cubs beat Giants. Wrigley goes wild. What a season! Wait till next year.

Monday, September 28, 1998

Time: Andy Grove digs his iMac. OK, but why?

Have fun with today's Tom Tomorrow.

ScriptMeridian: Managing Your Custom Menu.

HowTo: Update the search engine index automatically.

Just getting started with Frontier? Phil Suh wants to do a tutorial in New Orleans in December at CNET's Builder.com conference. Would you attend?

NY Times: Hole in Netscape Browser. Apparently there's a way for JavaScript code to copy and transmit the contents of the user's cache.

NY Times: Free software for sale.

Sunday, September 27, 1998

CNN: McGwire hits #69 and #70 to end season.

Dan Gillmor: What will we do with all that bandwidth?

NY Times: McGwire hits 2. Today's the last day.

NY Times editorial: To deal or fight? Right on.

By this time tomorrow New Orleans may be under water as Hurricane Georges creeps toward the Gulf Coast.

Wired: Update on Legos. "It's like software, but it's in the real world."

CRN: "CiscoWorks2000 is a suite of management applications that lets VARs manage networks over the Internet. Through XML, this product can link to more than 30 third-party management applications from the CiscoWorks2000 interface, which combines the functionality of Cisco's Resource Manager Essentials software and the previous version of CiscoWorks."

I'm looking for information on the XML formats that Cisco is promoting. Pointers please. Thanks!

The Australian could use some better web tools and fact-checkers. Look at the partially hotted-up URL, and the title on that page, and CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface not Computer Generated Imaging. Jheez.

Saturday, September 26, 1998

Gnumeric is an open source spreadsheet. According to Wes Felter its native file format is XML. Very nice!

Eric Kidd sent me one of Gnumeric's files, sure enough it is XML, and according to our syntax checker, it's well-formed.

NY Times: Sosa hits #66, for 42 minutes he rules the universe.

Friday, September 25, 1998

Frontier 5.1.4: Working guest databases, and a built-in fast, content-based, programmable search engine.

Q&A: Guest Databases.

How to: Make a website searchable.


News.com: Intel, Netscape to back Red Hat?

InfoWorld explains application server technology.

Thursday, September 24, 1998

http://www.scriptmeridian.org/ is rolling again.

Phil Suh: Creating META Tags in Frontier websites.

Don Larson: URL Management with Frontier.

News.com: Business apps for Linux.

Project Cool: XML Basics.

David Long's Taco Bell Dog Site.

5/6/98: Yo Queiro Scripting News?

InfoWorld: 3COM deploys XML for partners and resellers.

TechWeb interviews Macromedia CEO Rob Burgess.

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Salon: CDA, the Sequel.

CNN: Sammy hits #64 and #65.

Updated: Frontier 5 and XML.

Help Wanted: Frontier jobs in Costa Rica, London and New York. I might apply for the one in Costa Rica!

We took almost 70K hits last night on Nirvana, and it's still running this morning. Good job!

SJ Merc: Speedy wireless net links.

NY Times: Mapping the Internet in 3D.

Tuesday, September 22, 1998

DaveNet: We'll Keep Clinton.

Mail Starting 9/22/98.

If you can, listen to the Bob Dole interview on NPR's Fresh Air re the Clinton situation, and if you can find it on www.npr.org, please send a pointer.

Salon: This Modern World. "Would Congress have been able to post the sexually explicit Starr Report on the net if the CDA hadn't been ruled unconstitutional?"

SJ Merc: Videotape fell short of hype.

NY Times editorial: The Shrinking Power of Lies. "A contrarian might even argue that this performance... will do him less harm than the disastrous speech that he delivered later that same day."

9/30/98: BAFUG September meeting.

Monday, September 21, 1998

Thea's Galleria tours a German online CD catalog that includes audio samples.

Jakob Nielsen: Does Internet = Web?

What if DaveNet were written by a Southern gentleman?

Were you in the Bronx High School of Science Class of 1972? I was.

Red Herring: Lookin talent in Silicon Valley.

What is http://www.memepool.com/?

AnchorDesk: The Web's 10 Most Influential People.

Chicago Tribune: A Java Browser?

Rick McDonald reports, re Netscape's keyword server: "Not only did they take away the feature that let me go to your page by typing scripting without www or com, but now you are not even on the page brought up by the Netscape keyword server."

http://www.provincetown.com/ is a Frontier site.

I watched some of the Clinton testimony on TV during lunch and thought he kept his cool pretty well. I don't think I would have done as well.

I had a random thought for people who don't like watching the Clinton stuff on TV. Why not stop watching TV?

XML Evangelism: If you want XML files to test with, we have them...

SJ Merc: Silicon Valley giving cold shoulder to Clinton.

We worked on Nirvana over the weekend.

Friday, September 18, 1998

CNN: McGwire hits 64.

Please help us test a new server. This is the 450 Mhz Pentium. All the serving is being done by Frontier 5.1.4.

Salon: How Palm beat Microsoft.

Wired: Clinton videotape could be torture for net.

Dr Dobbs: TechNetCast with Adam Denning. Denning is the Group Program Manager for the XML and XSL groups at Microsoft. 3PM Eastern today.

Bill Seitz asks the key question about XML support in MS Office apps. Updated at 10:30AM with a response from Jacob Levy.

Thursday, September 17, 1998

The Economist: Just Go.

PC Mag: Why XML Matters. Frontier 5 is reviewed under document management systems. Thanks!

For PC Mag readers: Frontier 5 and XML.

One More Time: Why XML is Interesting.

CNN: Salon finds sex sells.

InfoWorld: US Drops Key Recovery.

John Gilmore, EFF board member, comments.

Mac OS Rumors reports on Apple's new AppleScript authoring environment. According to the report it's comparable to Visual Basic and Frontier. They must work fast over at Apple! (No sarcasm.) Go Apple Go!

Samuel Reynolds: The JavaScript suite provides tools for editing JavaScript in the Frontier environment.

UCLA: Project AppleSeed.

WebMonkey: Introduction to Programming.

Wired: IBM's Walkman PC. It runs Windows 98. They say it's just for blue collar workers. Hmmmm.

CNN: Sosa hits 63. A grand slam! Go Sammy Go!

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

DaveNet: Bruce Hughes on Clinton.

Last night I taped a show in San Francisco with CNET's Dan Shafer. The Dan and Dave Show! RealAudio.

News.com: Microsoft Exec Apologizes to Industry. Confusing story!

Maybe this is what the Microsoft exec is apologizing for?

MSNBC: Only Voters Count. If you read a single article about the Clinton situation, read this one. Clinton is not doing well among people who vote. 57 percent say he should leave office if he lied to the grand jury. This is the poll that Congress is paying attention to, and rightly so.

Two minor notations for today's piece. First, Jimmy Carter said he lusted in his heart, he didn't lie in his heart. Second, no sleight meant to parliamentary political systems. The US is not a parliamentary system, and Hughes argues that it shouldn't become one.

Mail Starting 9/16/98.

Hey we just got a 450Mhz Pentium system. This morning I re-ran some benchmarks and it's 393 percent faster than our current rendering system. Not bad!

Playboy interview with Jimmy Carter; 1976.

NY Times/CBS News poll: Keep Clinton.

Tonight in San Jose, Glenn Davis, Jeff Veen and Dan Shafer talk about web standards at a meeting of the Association of Internet Professionals.

Computer Shopper: New interfaces for IIS.

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

ClassAds: Looking for expert Frontier consultants in NYC.

c't looks at Frontier 5.1. In German.

InternetWorld: It's not all about browsers. Amen!

Monday, September 14, 1998

DaveNet: Adult Talk.

Mail Starting 9/14/98.

SJ Merc: Clinton Should Resign. "We can censure Clinton and hope to limp through two and a half years with a severely crippled chief executive. Or we can begin the process of removing him, and experience the trauma that surely will bring, and, if he survives, be left with an even more wounded president."

USA Today: Clinton Should Resign. "He has resolutely failed -- and continues to fail -- the most fundamental test of any president: to put his nation's interests first."

Nobumi Iyanaga's MacPerl glue table.

Microsoft: DHTML Editing Component.

Sun: XML for Document and Information Management.

New Scientist: The Unconscious Mind.

Wired covers the hacking of the NY Times home page.

InfoWorld on Microsoft new picture-editing software.

eMediaWeekly: AppleScript 1.3 and scripting PhotoShop.

News.com interviews Adobe CEO John Warnock.

http://www.multitrace.com/ does a traceroute to a point on the net from three different points simultaneously.

Sunday, September 13, 1998

MSNBC: Sosa ties McGwire at 62. The baseball god at work?

Alan German: TCPCMD 2.1.2.

Reuters: Aretha gets some respect.

Ooops. The NY Times home page has been hacked.

Saturday, September 12, 1998

WebTechniques tutorial on CGI script writing in Frontier.

NY Times: Final say now shifts, uncertainly, to public.

Peter Murray-Rust was able to read our siteChanges.xml file into the JUMBO XML browser. Screen shot. More info on siteChanges.

Friday, September 11, 1998

InfoWorld on XML databases.

We now have the Starr Report on www.scripting.com.

Also available as a zip file for offline reading.

Also available as a StuffIt file for offline reading.

CNN: White House rebuttal.

AP: Websites swamped.

Mirrors in: Canada, Sweden.

News.com notices a fascinating timing coincidence.

Web Review: Scriptable Java Applets.

Updated: suites.slideShow. Fixed a bug that limited lines to approx 120 characters; in this version you can use up to 255 characters per line.

8/18/98: Truth Decay. The beat goes on.

NY Times editorial: The Stonewall Crumbles.

Adobe: ImageStyler.

Thursday, September 10, 1998

DaveNet: Really Being There.

AP has sources saying that the Starr report contends that Clinton committed perjury, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

CNN: Starr report to be released thru Internet. Possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Here's the site you'll be able to download it from.

I admit it, I love getting email like this one.

InfoWorld flashes back to 1983. Windows is announced to head off VisiCorp's window manager, but Windows wouldn't ship for 2 years.

Computer Shopper: The Last DOS Column. Eric Grevstad lists his top ten favorite DOS programs

AP: Americans not yet concerned about market gyrations.

Wednesday, September 9, 1998

InfoWorld: Oracle to turn database into file system. Interesting. Do-able. But there's a lot more to an OS beyond a file system, of course.

MSNBC: Dell ships servers, PCs with Linux pre-installed.

Washington Post: Sun nuzzles up to NT.

Why Grohol is leaving Netscape.

RoundZero meets tonight in Menlo Park. Wired article.

NY Times: IBM introduces new tiny disk drive.

CNN: Movie actor (in role) wins Vermont GOP Senate Primary.

Tuesday, September 8, 1998

ESPN: McGwire hits 62. Yeah! It was exciting... In a Hallmark sort of way.

A free Java class library for parsing, manipulating, and creating Adobe PDF files.

http://www.zydecomusic.com/ is a Frontier site!

Scriptics: TclPro.

Mail Starting 9/8/98.

NY Times: How options work in Silicon Valley.

Monday, September 7, 1998

DaveNet: The Baseball God is Laughing Again.

CNN: McGwire hits 61.

CNN: Movies of McGwire's last 10 home runs.

InfoWorld: Seybold keynotes focus on Macs, scripting.

Screen shot of a Hotline client running in Frontier.

IBM is running an XML developers survey. Please tell them that Scripting News is a good source of info on XML. Also, they haven't heard about Frontier and XML yet. Help them!

Jakob Nielsen: How to Write Headlines, Page Titles, and Subject Lines.

NY Times: Jim Clark's most recent startup.

Sunday, September 6, 1998

Another cool suite from James Spahr.

http://www.ceiss.org/ is a Frontier site.

Builder.com: Laurence Rozier's FREE-DOM.

Don Park's Docuverse DOM SDK for Java.

Saturday, September 5, 1998

James Spahr's Dream Suite lets you edit pages and templates in MacroMedia's DreamWeaver.

Lasso security hole exposed, and closed.

GoLive web publishing system.

IETF working group comments on use of HTTP as a transport for higher level services.

A small town in Illinois has a community site that's managed by Frontier.

NY Times: Sosa hits 57; Reuters: McGwire hits 60.

News.com: Net use causes depression.

MacWEEK: Publishers take dim view on Quark takeover of Adobe.

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