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ODB Engine 1.0b6 Update

With this release of the ODB Engine library, we introduce a major new feature: a Windows version!

The Win32 library and ODB Demo app are built from the same sources on Mac and Windows. Both platforms read and write the same file format. Databases can be transfered from one platform to another, or accessed from either platform across a network.

File Format Changes

To accomplish this level of compatibility, the ODB file format had to be modified. This version of ODB Engine uses, in effect, a beta version of the Frontier 5.0 file format. Older versions of the library, and of Frontier, cannot read the new format.

We will be providing a database converter in a subsequent release of the ODB Engine library.

Right now, certain Mac-specific datatypes are not recognized under Win32. filespecType, aliasType and objspecType are examples. Lists and records are not supported. Floating point values are not handled cross-platform at this point either.

For the time being, your data will be safest if you stick with string, string4, long, short, char and boolean values.

The Libraries

The Mac libraries are built with CW11, and require the Metrowerks Standard Library to link. The Win32 library is built with MSVC 4.0.

All of the libraries -- PPC, 68K, CFM68K and Win32 -- are static linked libraries.

What's Ahead

More data types will be supported across platforms with minimal or no loss of information.

We will provide a converter application for updating your 4.x databases to 5.0. Depending on how the timing works out, the converter may be Frontier 5.0a1! We'll have see how things go.


What's that?

Please report any problems, crashes, suggestions, observations, etc. on the Frontier-code mailing list. We'll be listening!

Doug Baron, Bob Bierman
UserLand Software

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