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Scripting News Awards for 2001

Voting for the 2001 awards is closed. The winners were announced on Scripting News the week of 1/6/02. The final vote tallies were released on 1/25/02.

Welcome to the Scripting News Awards for 2001. These are my favorite weblogs, by category. They are all great blogs. Who wins? You decide! How it works: Voting will remain open until early January to give everyone a chance to vote. In early-mid January we will present the winners with much fanfare and adulation. Rules: The basic rule is that you can vote once. There's a little protection against spamming, so please don't do that. No cookies. Thank you for participating, and for supporting excellence in weblogging.

Best Technology Weblog 

These weblogs specialize in emerging technology, providing deep coverage of their fields and insightful commentary.

 802.11b Networking News
 Bluetooth Weblog
 Hack the Planet - Winner.
 ICANN Weblog
 Living Without Microsoft
 Segway News

EditThisPage.Com Pioneers 

These weblogs provided the anchors as the community of Manila websites grew, starting just over two years ago. These are the mainstays, the people who made a difference.

 2020 Hindsight
 Andrea Frick
 Black Hole Brain - Winner.
 Garret Vreeland
 Jeff Cheney
 View From the Heart

Gone But Not Forgotten 

A tear comes to the eye thinking of these sites that were great, but are no longer updating. What became of them? No one knows for sure!

 Carpe Diem
 Kate Adams
 Suck - Winner.

Best Scripting Weblog 

Scripting and weblogs seem to go together. These blogs bring you neat technical tricks from generous minds.

 Jarrett House North
 Mark Pilgrim - Winner.
 Sjoerd Visscher
 View from an Iowa Homestead

Best Weblog Utility/Distraction 

Blogging is about more than people and the subjects we cover. Let's honor the tools that help us find the news we want, the great weblogs, and to learn about the weird world of weblogging.

 Disturbing Search Results
 Google - Winner.

Blogger Of The Year 

This is our top award. Each of the nominees has made a personal contribution to excellence in weblogging in 2001. But you can only pick one!

 Adam Curry
 Dan Gillmor
 Doc Searls
 Glenn Fleishman
 Heather Champ
 JD Lasica
 Joel Spolsky - Winner.
 Lance Knobel
 Rafe Colburn
 Susan Kitchens
 Wes Felter

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