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Sunday, March 11, 2001
It's been a few days since I added a song to the Grateful Dead channel. Now that there are all these new Radio users, many of whom are tuned into this channel (it's #16 on the hotlist of upstreaming Radio users, there's no way of knowing how many non-upstreaming users are subscribing, have to do something about this..). Anyway, tonight's song is a live version of Weather Report Suite from Dick's Picks Volume 7. It's wistful music. Of course a beautiful song, oft-quoted here on Scripting News. A little change, the wind and rain.    12:26:40 AM
Saturday, January 27, 2001
Kevin Drennan started a Grateful Dead Weblog. Hey it's cool, he even has a directory. A Frontier 7 feature.   6:02:00 PM
Friday, January 26, 2001
The Other One, live instrumental, One From The Vault. Very rhythmic very spacy, you can listen to it many times, and enjoy something new every time.   7:04:11 PM
Thursday, January 25, 2001
This is a test of a change I just made. Still diggin..   7:36:27 PM
The HTML rendering almost validates. Close. Hey I wonder if anyone has ever published a style guide for ALT attributes on images? What are you supposed to say in the ALT attribute? I sure don't know. If you're blind send me an email if u cn rd ths.    7:16:18 PM
Franklin's Tower, a live version from One From The Vault.   7:06:54 PM
Moshe Weitzman says Shakedown Street is what I'm lookin for for tonight. I'm listening right now. It's one of my favorites. "Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart." Too bright. I like the jazziness of Weather Report Suite. Dreamy and soft. How about The Other One? "Spanish lady come to me.."   3:10:56 PM
Tuesday, January 23, 2001
The news is out, all over town..

You've been seen, out runnin round.

The lyrics are here, short and sweet.

You win again!    6:56:25 PM

Monday, January 22, 2001
Weather Report Suite: "Winter rain, now tell me why, summers fade, and roses die? The answer came. The wind and rain. Golden hills, now veiled in grey, summer leaves have blown away. Now what remains? The wind and rain."   2:57:48 PM
Sunday, January 21, 2001
Dark Star crashes, pouring its light into ashes.   8:09:32 PM
DaveNet: The U.S. Blues.   11:00:46 AM
Still listening to the US Blues. "Wave that flag, wave it wide and high.." Mistake made in the 60s. We gave our country to the assholes. Ah ah. Let's take it back. Hey I'm still a hippie. "You could call this song The United States Blues."   10:00:58 AM
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