Part of the Clay Basket Website. 7/22/96.

Download Page

You can download the Clay Basket 1.0b8 software from:

Clay Basket requires Macintosh System 7.0 or greater. Inline macros and the glossary feature require Frontier 3.0 or greater. Macros can be written in any OSA-compatible scripting language.

How to Install

You can put the Clay Basket Folder where ever you like. Start using it right away.

If you're just using Clay Basket to edit bookmarks and record your navigation with Netscape, you might want to install the IdleTime INIT, described below, otherwise there's nothing else to install. Be sure to check out the Bookmark Editor page.

If you want to use Clay Basket to build websites, you'll probably want to get Frontier. All the logic and rendering code is built into Clay Basket, but if you want to extend or customize your website with macros or thru the glossary, you'll need Frontier. It's also free. After unstuffing and launching the Frontier app, open the Extras sub-folder of the Clay Basket Folder. Open the Frontier Files folder. Double-click on the Installer script. An outline will show you what's been installed in Frontier's object database.

The IdleTime INIT

Clay Basket works without IdleTime installed, but it works much better if it is installed. It's very simple. IdleTime maintains a system-wide value that tells Clay Basket how long its been since the last mouse movement or keystroke. Clay Basket uses this value to synchronize its info windows with the frontmost outline. The IdleTime INIT is in the Extras sub-folder of the Clay Basket folder. Copy it to the Extensions sub-folder of your System Folder, and restart your system.

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