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Friday, November 1, 1996; by Dave Winer.

Bill Gates vs The Internet

In this piece I realized that the Internet had undermined the power structure of the software industry.

Standards had been set, and the new APIs weren't coming from Microsoft or any of the other companies that we were focused on.

I had to breathe a lot before releasing this piece. I believed it, but it can be hard to say what you believe.

This is a lesson I would learn over and over doing DaveNet pieces.

Reply from Bill Gates

Gates responds to my challenge with his own question: "Will [the Internet] cause less personal computers to sell? I think quite the opposite. Less copies of Flight Simulator or Encarta?"

Most important to me, I could challenge the perceived leader of our industry and get a thoughtful response. This encouraged me to write the next piece...

Platform is Chinese household

After reading Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club, I was struck by the similarity between platforms and Chinese families.

This piece probably contains the most empassioned DaveNet energy of them all.

I've become a better writer, for sure, but the energy in this piece is incredibly strong. Venting anger is a good thing. It lets you move on...

Esther Dyson on DaveNet

Esther had some interesting thoughts about DaveNet.

This piece came during a period of experimentation.

I opened the stage for many other people to contribute.

Billions of Websites

After doing my first website it became clear to me that many people would create websites.

I had some suggestions for service providers and software developers.

Many of the things in this piece may seem obvious now, but they weren't so obvious at the time.

Great Hair

Ever notice that on some days everyone is looking at you? Ever wonder why...

A Society of Parents

Does sexuality have its place on the Internet?

Of course! Where ever humans are, sexuality follows.

It's just the way we are.

The Baseball God

A story about baseball and earthquakes. Gods and people. Energy and hubris. Mysticism and the Mets.

Being Free

The story of MORE and Frontier. In this piece I decided to let my software go, to let people have it for no money.

Over a year later, no regrets.

The Cute Little Nut

Actors and dreaming. The power of forgiving people.

Talk & Vote

Generation gaps, Bob Dole's sexuality, Nixon, the Generation Gap, and the importance of communicating.

A Studio in Silicon Valley

Why do we depend on companies to make software? Is this the best way to do it? No.

The Little Bird

The importance of listening to yourself.

Huge Wingspans

Love and fear, tight necks, the value of friendship, large bodies and lions.

Eat Drink and be Jerry

We lose Jerry Garcia. I'm surprised how deeply I feel this passing. (It still makes me cry!)

Appreciate, respect and celebrate every person you can. Now is the time to have fun! Tomorrow they may be gone.

Chinese Household Revisited

Getting ready for the Windows 95 launch, what it means for Apple and the Macintosh.

Apple's trail of tears seems to lead right off a cliff.

What is a Platform?

Incredibly no definition for this commonly used term could be found. I attempt to supply one.

A Worldwide Trance

An illusory trance-oriented account of the Windows 95 rollout. Bill dances! We party. We reminisce about Apple.

Steve Wozniak on Apple

Woz agrees strongly, but not wholeheartedly.

He's disappointed with how Apple has turned out.

Welcome Back Jean-Louis

People are buzzed about the Be OS, created by a team assembled by my friend Jean-Louis Gassee.

I tell a couple of Jean-Louis stories. And a hand gesture that will give you an essential JLG experience. Here's how it works.

Extend your right arm. Pull your pinky to your palm. Same with the fourth finger and your thumb. Extend your index and middle fingers and pull them together. Move your arm so that these two fingers are directly under your nose.

Sniff shortly three times. Smells good!

The editors at HotWired didn't like this. It's OK.

I Become Invisible

Sometimes they can't see you. This is one of those times. It's not bad.

Gotta Be Aretha!

I pretend they offer me the job of CEO of Apple, and outline my recovery plan.

Stalin Go Home!

I ask that Bill Gates and Bill Clinton not attack the Internet, to no avail. They did it anyway.

I Promised My Grandfather

The anti-censorship campaign is in full swing. My grandfather, who fled the Nazis, made me promise to not let it happen again.

Jury Duty

I tell the story of a jury that I served on. It was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. This is also my favorite piece of them all.

Watch This!

New web authoring features in Frontier 4.0. They've stood the test of time. Frontier websites just keep getting more powerful.

Bee Season

Bees show up at Dave's house. I wonder what it means.

Que Sera Sera

Many people feel this is the best DaveNet ever. I like it. It's coooool.



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