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All I want, and what I've wanted it for some time now, is a good stable pre-emptive OS that runs my considerable investment in commercial programs.

I will not be able to afford to upgrade if it means either a new machine or new programs...and I have never seen an 'emulated' OS worth a damn.

I don't give a toss for pretty interfaces, rounded corners and grey patterns in the menu fact I would like to turn all that nonsense off if it gives me just 0.001 of a percent more real speed.

I want to work in Photoshop, Freehand and Quark as quickly and easily as possible, thats all.

If this new OS involves re-investment in new hardware or new software beyond the usual yearly or bi-annual 'keeping up with technology' then i WILL move to NT where there is a promise of continuity - and lets face it the hardware is cheaper too, and much cheaper and easier to upgrade.

I'm not 'in love' with any platform or OS (though 'mac is currently quite pleasant).

As I write this there are 5 PC's behind me and 2 Macs in front of me... guess which platform will have to go if things get expensive... The monitors, some memory, drives and peripherals are all transferable...

Happy New Year


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