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Let's Have Fun -- Now! RE: APPLE OBSERVATION

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From: (Dan O'Neill)

Hi Dave,

On Thursday and Friday I checked out Comp USA, Computer City and Creative Computers - these are the "big" stores in San Diego at the moment. I am in the process of puchasing two portable computers and a home Mac system for some friends and decided to survey the landscape.

>From a retailers perspective, Apple is in deep trouble. CompUSA had three Mac's tucked away in the corner of the store and only two of them were working. I've been to this store many times and new right where the Mac's are supposed to be... I couldn't find them, they'd been moved out of the way to make room for Sony's new PC system.

Ok, so let's ramble down the road to Computer City and see what they've got. Great! More Mac's - well, two more Mac's - all of them were working which was nice to see, however, again they were tucked away in the back - this is a NEW behavior on the part of the retailer.

Onto Creative Computer, a self proclaimed Macintosh Super-store. What do you know, they've changed their slogan to "Your Computer Super Store". Now I am suspicious, what will I find inside. Creative Computer has become a full-fledged PC computer store. While they had more Mac's than either of the previous, the choices of available hardware was poor - that is, there were only a couple of Apple Mac models availabe. Here's the kicker, Creative Computer had five or six different Mac clones on the floor. Kicking the tires on these clones left me very impressed. UMAC had a 240Mhz PPC 604 system available for about $2200. Motorola and PowerMac were also well represented.

It's getting harder and harder for me to stay on the Mac bandwagon when purchasing systems for my friends. Things look dark and the latest announcements from Gill really aren't all that exciting. Is the Mac to be the next Amiga?

Dan ps: I found no Mac portables on display at any of these stores.

Let's Have Fun -- Now!

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