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Sent:1/8/97; 9:47:44 AM
From: (Rob Kolter)

This has been an interesting few weeks for all us applephiles. There are more interesting times ahead.

Of particular note to me have been your comments and the comments of those who have had their noses tweaked by your comments.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I see your relationship with Macintosh as I see all relationships: love/hate.

We all willingly admit that we love our spouses, but there are few, unless we are uncharacteristically honest, that would admit that there are also times when we hate them too. It's the little things: leaving your damned shoes next to the couch again, or turning off the bloody light when you were coming right back to that room that really piss you off. But it's love none-the-less.

I don't agree with everything you've posted these last few weeks, but I'm glad you said them. They speak to everybody's fears for the future of the Mac OS and they need to be said. Sometimes, maybe, they speak too clearly or too close to the heart, but a true relationship has room for such honesty--even in the world of love and hate.



Let's Have Fun -- Now!

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