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Let's Have Fun -- Now! A STORY YOU OUGHT TO LIKE

Sent:1/8/97; 11:36:24 PM
From: (Jeremy Roschelle)

Hey Dave!

Thanks for all your great columns. I've been doing demo time in the Components 100 section on the MacWorld floor as a favor to a friend and I think you ought to check it out. I mean, you are always talking about developers working together... going for the win-win... showing each other to best advantage.

Well I know you don't like OpenDoc, and even though I think you are wrong, the fact is that the OpenDoc story you rant about is APPLE and OpenDoc. Wells its not about a relationship between Apple and OpenDoc. Its about developers working with each other, and OpenDoc is just one vehicle for that to happen.

You ought to hang in Component 100 for a while. Developers know each other's product. They demo stuff in concert. They're leading people to each other's booth. The spirit is good. Collaboration. Working together. They're having fun! We can do better than the big guys. We can listen to users and move quickly. We're not talking OpenDoc as technology here; we're talking community.

Its not just talk. Its happening. Developers getting organized. Forming alliances. Bundling deals. Chipping in to the kitty to raise enough dough to pay for a joint press conference.

Its the only place on the whole damn floor where your gonna hear a demo openly praise 4 or 5 complimentary products and show how they all work in concert. Smooth. Easy. And its the whole collection of parts at component 100 costs less than one Adobe box.

You got to hug Amelio. Great!

Now save some time to get down on here where small developers are in the trenches standing on each other's shoulders to try to shout above the crowd. Its your gospel, man. Hang with the people who are trying to walk that talk.


Let's Have Fun -- Now!

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