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Let's Have Fun -- Now! RE: COOKIES

Sent:1/10/97; 1:01:11 PM
From: (Brent Simmons)

One problem with cookies: many people trash their Netscape preferences often. It's still crash-prone software.

I myself -- and I know some other people who do this -- have a startup script in Frontier that trashes every Netscape preference that can reasonably be trashed. Every time I reboot, Frontier deletes my cookie and global history files. I keep my Netscape cache on a RAM disk (which also improves performance, btw), and so my cache disappears every time I shut down.

Yes, Netscape is more stable as a result.

I don't have any problem with the idea of cookies. Perhaps I'll try leaving it alone and see what happens.


Let's Have Fun -- Now!

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