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Let's Have Fun -- Now! WHY MS SUPPORTS THE MAC

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From: (Steven Carlson)

Maybe Microsoft is realizing they can't afford to let Apple go under:

Microsoft's one big weakness has always been innovation. Microsoft takes (copies buys) other people's ideas, and markets the hell out of them. But Microsoft doesn't innovate. Maybe that's changing, but I don't think so.

Meanwhile Apple has so many ideas they can never focus long enough to realize most of them! Add to that the fact that, classically, some of the best software around is written first for the Macintosh. A lot of these softwares (Quark, Photoshop, Filemaker, Eudora ...) started first on the Mac and then crossed over to Windows to win market share. And, of course, Windows was based almost entirely on the Macintosh interface.

So why not support the Mac to the hilt? Apple's market share has declined so far they certainly doesn't represent a threat to Microsoft. And who knows what Apple might come up with that Microsoft could then adopt and push onto the Windows platform?

You certainly know the software biz better than I do. But doesn't it seem like Microsoft and Apple have a symbiotic relationship? It's an interesting idea.

Anyway, like you column (most of it anyway :-)

Let's Have Fun -- Now!

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