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Let's Have Fun -- Now! RE: EARLY RESULTS

Sent:1/14/97; 12:31:04 PM
From: (Philippe Kahn)

Hello David,I just looked at the results, and it is quite interesting. If you assume that developers can't support more than two platforms, at best three, just from the graphics below it seems to me that the Mac community will go for

1. Next

2. Legacy Mac (will they really build new apps or just service the existing ones

3. Java

Not much Windows or Be (that's unfortunate because Be is nice).This means to me that whoever does the best "Java desktop machine" has a chance to incrementally get a huge amount of developers: These results only come from Mac developers. We know that the whole UNIX community is getting behind Java and that a portion of the Windows community is too.

So on Mac, it may be 1. NeXT and 2. Java with Windows really behind. But all developers considered, Java must be the hottest new platform play. Quite interesting.

Let's Have Fun -- Now!

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