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Let's Have Fun -- Now! THANKS

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Just a little note to say thank you for telling me what "cookies" are. I recently started authoring a web page for friends of mine abd I only have a Mac Plus - NO BROWSER except Lynx - and I'll be so glad when I can afford a machine that can use scripts and JAVA, NN, and other applications all my friends can run (but still can't get up a web page)! I wouldn't trade my Ol' Mac Plus for a 486, and I can back that up. My cousin tried to GIVE me one and I said no thanks. I've only been computing for three months and I don't want my beautiful experience to be sullied by an intimidating software/hardware platform. I am forwarding your article about Microdoze having a TEAM assingned to the Mac platform, and maybe he'll finally see what I'm talking about. Thank You for your pages, I hope to be able to use your software when I can upgrade. I laugh out loud at times too when my Mac just FLYS by the tasks while others are scratching their heads on the sidelines! See you on the web. Naiden Fischer (aka John Hampton)


Let's Have Fun -- Now!

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