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From: (Gwen Kraft)

Dear Dave,

I just read your discussion which included the complaint that "Apple is a lousy lover" and I was amazed! I had thought the same thing earlier tonight, when I was brooding over what I (just a little 'ole normal, layperson) wanted from Apple and always missed....

I was thinking how, like a lover who never really comes through, Apple always leaves me wanting. I wanted an affordable computer with a modem, and it seemed to take forever to become a reality; then it was left out of later models! What? About the time that they finally came out with a laptops with modems (500 series), I had decided to wait for a laptop with a modem *and* a CD ROM Drive, but they decided to drop those plans. SO, I waited for the 5300/190 series laptops.... still no drive.... and shoot, now the modem had to be purchased separately again. But, how long can a girl wait? So, I bought the 190. Geeez. Now they have the 1400 with that long-desired drive....

I can only say that your article hit home. Apple is like my last great love..... He was so darn charismatic, but insecure. He behaved like a chameleon, with a touch of arrogance. He was a capricious and uncaring mate, who wanted me to be there waiting, while he was out taking his own sweet time (and checking out the other femmes in town). I made myself a wreck over him, and finally said,'enough.'

I don't want that to happen with Apple. But, I have hope. I'll never go to a Wintel.... but things look good for Mac Clones, or BE OS platforms. It is a relief to know that there's another worthy gentleman or two in town, and I won't be left with only those boxheads to date.

Enjoyed your metaphors.... Hope Gil listens.


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