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Let's Have Fun -- Now! RE: POWERSCRIPTERS

Sent:1/18/97; 10:03:54 AM
From: (Marc Canter)

Dave - I see scripting is something different. You're aprogrammer who decided he liked scripting better - but you still understand programming.

I believe scripting is for non-progreammers. I have a situation right now where my scriptors are pissed off at the programmer I hired to make their scripts: - work better - be documented - adhere to traditional programming principles

Now they're all pissed at me and all I wanted was stable, industrial strength code.

So I disagree with your categories of scripting. Remember there are 500,000+ Lingo scritpors and I don't think many of them fit into ANY of the categories you laid out.

Marc :-)

Let's Have Fun -- Now!

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