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>> A new concept appears -- "native operating systems". They provide the balance for the virtual OS that everyone is interested in -- the Java virtual machine -- the bridge to the inevitable (real) Java machine that will make sense when the base of Java software is deep enough to justify its own hardware. << You might be interested to know that at least one (small) chip manufacturer is working on a Java-based chip now. It will directly execute Java faster than it could run C! This company is also about to launch a 300MHz RISC-based chip that will plug directly into a Pentium motherboard to upgrade the system. With what Digital is doing with the Alpha chip (OEMs offering $2500 systems including a monitor - and the price will drop even lower), there is potential for some movement in the chip market, I think. Most people say "Oh, you could never shake Intel," but folks used to say that about IBM. I think the future is about transparency, so users can do what they need to do without feeling obligated to one vendor or another. >> Script writers are different from C developers. The Java community is making tools that make sense for C developers. There are other markets that need a scripting environment. (Hint: web developers.) They like the idea of Java as a scripting language, not as a replacement for C++. << What do you think about RAD tools like Delphi? There is the potential to bring the power of low level languages to the people who would use scripting. So what is the name of this new crossbreed? By the way, I'll be writing a feature for MacWEEK on how the Mac development community is reacting to NeXT and where things might go. Would you be available to talk? Erik Sherman

Let's Have Fun -- Now!

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