BloggerCon IV, Day 1: National Anthem

 Theme: New Orleans 


 Whatever that song was on Dave's podcast yesterday.

 Discussion leader: Dave Winer 



 Song - don't know what it's going to be

 First song was Take me out to the ball game, in Boston. Sox lost.

 Last one was This Land is Your Land

 Nashville (we have 3 from there today)

 Uncle Dave leads the happy bloggers in song...

 Terry Heaton: All you need is love.

 Ponzi: Hokey Pokey. (How long before somebody posts the video?)


 New Orleans

 Dave went to Tulane there

 It was destroyed. But music lives.


 interactive, no audience. Just participants.

 Natural to continue doing what we do at other confs. Let's don't.

 Format is, discussion leader stands in front for 10-15 minutes, to warm things up. Then others chime in and the DL hands off. Nobody gets nervous. Nobody makes speeches.

 No pitches. Not commercial. There are plenty of those.

 tendency to get carried away once one vendor starts off

 This is a users' conference. We clear the space for the users' POV.

 always try to come from your own place as a user

 Doc's role as a technographer

 Isn't it ironic

 Doc is everybody's slave. Not salve.

 Role of the monitor

 monitor holds the mike. he or she owns it.


 they move around.

 We can...

 come up with an action ite3m list

 change the agenda

 prep for the next 'con

 No expectations from the conf

 could be nothing

 could be wonderful, surprising...

 Everything is on the record

 Everybody is presumed to be a blogger

 no distinction between blogger and journalist

 everything is on the record. if you want it off, take it elsewhere and get permission

 goes for photos

 Grateful Dead style. So on the record that you can bring your camcorder and vidblog or 'cast yourself.

 Not limited to blogging. There are related practices... videoblogging, etc.

 subjects related to blogging

 blogging is at the center, but everything peripheral is on topic too.

 not promoting any particular technology those are for other, tech confs

 Sister conferences

 blogher (July 28th and 29th - Doc's Birthday)

 gnomedex (



 reflect on how much blogging has changed since 18 months ago at Stanford. Now we have myspace, LiveJournal. The practice is more mainstream.

 Dave: changing use of tools, roles, what we have in common. We all use blogs, search engines, photo management tools, bookmarking... share our experiences...

 Wives have blogs too.



  thanks to jake luddington, limelight networks, Sylvia Paul, Dan Farber

 Mary Ann is the producer. Dan, Rebecca (one with the red hair)... here to help.

 Additional notes

 Look at Scripting.com to see where the .mp3s, etc. will be posted.


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