BloggerCon IV, Day 1: Post-Game Show

 Wrap-up session 

 A thread through everything

 Changing the world

 A lever that's powerful!

 A brief story...

 George Lakoff. Stuck in an airport. "Well Doc's kind of a bigtime blogger. " WTF is a blogger? Women's rights, yadayada yada yada.

 Snowballs! Once it starts gathering it's not mine.

 What are we doing to change the world??????

 Chris Pirillo: Empowering users. I got a lot of my chest. Is that all there is? "Freedbacking." Heheheh... Free Feedback. Coooool. Passionate user talking to anyone. A vendor. A user. Everybody!!!!!!!! You have feedback. You have a term to hover around.

 Chris Heuer: Bring people together to create an understanding.

 Kevin Marks: Microformats. A way to add data to the stuff you're putting on the web anyway. Nuke the roach motel. Data can be spread around.

 Terry Heaton: Stuff that's bubbling up from the bottom. There is this sense in our culture this day that our institutions have failed. Let's not bother rebuilding those institutions. Relentless pursuit of a vision that you know is right. Don't despise the day of small beginnings. Privately, broadcasters say "We're screwed." Publicly thye have a happy face.

 Susan Mernit: What can people do to change big entities. Keep communicating the value of innovation.

 Will Pate: Blogger since 1999, services industry, explains what RSS is, he gets excited at conferences, these tools and the tools need to get 5000 percent less geeky. People really feel something is broken when they see a RSS feed. We're creating these artificial barriers.

 Lance Knobel: Rolling snowballs down the hill is a valuble way to do things, but sometimes we have to push a rock up the hill. Sometimes we gotta push up.

 Robert Cox: BloggerCon II was a transformative experience, before then he had never met another blogger. He was in a roomful of people who were as excited about it as he was. But... There are a lot of threats to people who are trying to stop the gates from being torn down. Strength in numbers. He worries that the momentum will be broken up. Lots of groups who are tremendously threatened by the things we're talking about here. (Clap from the back of the room.)

 Marc Canter: He wants to make sure there are hundreds of thousands or millions of social networks, and that the users can control their data, not data silos like MySpace.

 Mike Taht: Computers, the Internet and now bloggers, lots of change. He tried to commit as cryptographic felonies as possible. Organic reputation economy. He feels we're building a lever that's big enough to change the world! Even so, he'd get off the lever. When Replay TV got kicked out of the market. He's into VOIP, and he hopes that it brings the Death Star crashing down.

 Greg Narain: Be mindful of the leverage we're creating for other people so we keep some of it for ourselves. User Generated Content, yuck.

 Jory des Jardins: People are customizing their careers, technology is what's making this happen, what is my mission, empowering women, pursuing passion, the brilliant thing with UG media, is that people are finding their passion, if that's what's going on we're going in the right direction.

 Kaliya Hamlin: Hey you should do a whole session on professional network blogging, our community blogs aggressively, it's added a whole layer of communication that's led to a lot of innovation, rapidly.

 Mary Hodder: She uses the word user, and she's not a bad person (implied?). People who are never going to monetize services are looking for ways to share revenue with users, people who don't get some kind of compensation are going to burn out. There are good people who are helping users generating content.

 Robert Cox: Please tag with either BLOGGERCON or BLOGGERCONIV.

 Kevin Marks: Network engineers see the Internet as a cloud, but... the next generation of users thikn of it as something that's just there, it's oxygen, but what worries Kevin is that the telcos see it as a cloud of poison gas. The ongoing net neutrality debate. Make sure that we keep it going. Bad version of the bill passed by the House now the Senate is debating it.

 Doc: Metaphors for the net, from Craig Burton, who is responsible for Novell, he took the end-to-end argument of P2P, represent that as a 3-dimensional zero. Hmmm. It's a parallel world, we're making a world that's virtual next to the real world, we're teraforming it, he's talking about people like me who are doing this. (Dave.)

 Sylvia Paull: Politics will never be the same, but that doesn't mean politicians can't subvert it.

 Lisa Williams: Once politicans blog they won't be able to blame the media.

 Ramin Firoozye: The notion that software products are developed by big companies is obsolete? The idea of having an ecosystem, is one of the things he's interested in.

 Doc Searls: Users and developers partying together. Hahah. Fun.

 Kevin Marks: BarCamp starts tonight at 1 Market Street, starts at 8PM.


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