BloggerCon IV, Day 2: Fat Man Sings

 Dave Winer 


 was in PEI. got a little hostile. people said "get out of our way." I said 'if I;'m in yoiur way, I'll stop blogging."

 when i shut down comments on SN, in '99 or something, it was constantly flaming out. i warned, and then they flamed more, and finally I said, if you really don't like, it, start your own blog.

 maybe it was '98. If I wasnt;' the only blog, it was close.

 when I shut down my discussion group., all these blogs fl=ourished. what did theywrite about? what an asshole dave was.

 If you let them inside you, it can tear you apart. but a point is reached where it becomes so commonplace that yu just observe that somebody's flaming you.

 to robert: I would have taken down the post after you got what you want. You don't respond to aggression with aggresion. that's what they want. that's what they feed on. hard earned less on is to take a deep breath, and just ignore them.

 when I told them I was going to resign, they said that's not what we want you to do... I told them I wasn't there to do anything for them. the only reaons to blog is becuase you have something to say

 if you do it out of obligation, you're not blogging anymore. do it for your own purposes, and ifr people can't deal with it, (too bad).

 I'm stopping because I want to do something new. It's been over 10 years, and I've never done anything like this for this long. clearly I;'m going to keep bloggin until the day I die, or out of free will.

 I stopped smoking, so I thinkn I can stop blogging. It wojuld be a very good thing to do. might be for you too. because when I stop blogging, i will still want to write. which means I have to say, write a book. which would be interesting.

 or comingh up with a new way of wriing on networks that isn't blogging.

 or having hte electronic writing be part of writing a book.

 don't know what it is going to be.

 that's when creativity cvomes into my space.

 I don't feel creative... not up to my ability to be creative.

 so if I stop at a conveneint time, that's what's going on there.


 more time to do Bloggercon5? and am I the guy to do it?


 what would that be? bloggercon3 was frour tracks, 16 different sessions. `13 or 14.

 frank paynter has been at all four.

 should 5 happen? what should it be like? Niall?


 blogging will get better. should we bring tobether users and toolmakers.


 the sessions I most worried about turned out to be absolutely fantastic.


 just wanted to say I spent the morning lying in bed listening to this. I don't think you know how many were listening. sounded like it was full, on the radio.


 I ewanted each discussion leader to invite ten people. choose them as if they were having a panel. the room would have 10x10, plus others we would add. would be primarily a radio show.

 priority was to make the webcast come out great.

 so we put up a wiki and opened the thing up. in the end the webcast was wonderful and came out great. thanks to limelighht networks and jake luddington. if we could produce that every time...

 I swould love to try that. shrink the room down and make it like a studio.

 might not be bloggercon any more.

 enoch choi: 

 worked well.. bunch of medical bloggers at lunch.. all worked out real well

 nick bradbury: 

 I don't have my hand up.

 steven brian 

 it was nice, swince I'm not from the bay area, I thought I might not have a voice. this was a great unconference.


 my first bloggercon. see it differently. as a participaant.

 I see something missing. there is a whole groiup of bloggers that are in college, or are between 14 and 25 that are new to it and changing the blogosphere, because they're starting now.

 a cvool way to bring it to bloggercon 5 is to have it in multiple cities at the same time.

 or at universites, ahere it might not cost as much.

 new bloggers might add a lto more insight.


 this was excellent.

 part of the unconference part that could be amplified, is change the arch or the desigtn of the room, the setup is too much like a conference. there must be some way that's grouped in the round or somethijng like that.


 we didn'thave much time, and this was one of their standard layouts.

 worked great. round of applause.

 credit to dan farber. centrer guy. jake, maryann, ...

 first time I worked with Dan was in'86. his first review of my product sent me ovler the moon. so a big thanks.


 the next bloggercon might be interesting for an audio or video chat component


 discussion leaders could phone a frie3nd... frie4nde list, pick up the3 phojne, call this guy in europe...


 clever, like that.

 Ridhard Giles (from Perth) 

 you see everywhere in the backchannel/


 want to influence other converences. turn them into blogger cons, once they try i8t out.

 this conf would be best served if it wasn't necessary.

 i want to try in the most loving way I can that you guys (blogher?) are fighting a losing battle. You shouldl be tyring to make the room go away.

 Sylvia used to run gracenet and is doing a ? in berkeley tomorrow. Hight ech networking groups for women.

 But I have the same problem inside corporations. thrwarted by the lunacy of the way corporations work stops tons of good ideas. so the hell with it. don't try to reform the things we'rel tryijng to get rid of.


 i understand what you're saying. but I think it's a bit odf a miscahracterization of the battle.

 let's make something we'd want to attend. it's about the content, educaiotn, expore to one another,. it's not just about the battle to get women speakers.


 I applaud and support all that. you also talked a lot about ge3ttinbh women speakers.


 I go to other conferences ...


 boring bpelple with slide shows


 want to play the rules and also change the game.


 this has been a really good community experience.

 bklogher and bloggercon evolve into a meeting that perpetuates thoughout the year. stresses the uncommercial nature, and the power,.

 this is about crystalizing fcommunity that's meetingup.


 link to the bloggercon.org. there's a mail list.


 what'a up with the microphones.?

 I disagree with you on the blogher stuff.

 I understnand your point, but I think i's really neede d right now.


 can we drop the term conference?


 an other word we can't use?


 comment on this versus others.

 this seemed more like bloggercon 2 bc3 seemed big and more intense. Il ike the way this felt. a big difference is that there was much more of you in this. you lurked in the others. you were here and present at this one. changed this. overall better. kind of gave a balance because this is your vision.

 Lisa Williams: 

 I think this has been the most unconference of all the bloggercvons. more true to that idea. more others need to be responsible for the planning and success.

 see the lost art of prepared remarks. when they started out there were these great preapred remarks at lecture series athat went on for years and years. Henry James' varieties of rleigiouis experienc ecame from that.

 need more responsibility to the edges of things... also like to see, once a year, somebody take the risk of saying something big.. something really fundamental.


 hard to do that. sits idle and then becomes a fire drill.

 \peple lead busy lives. it's not a priority until it's right on them.

 you need to change something more fundamental.



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