BloggerCon IV, Day 2: Video Blogging

 Ryanne Hodson 

 Where's Doc?? (This is Dave blogging.) 


 Eric: Video adds an experience, when he blogs for work, he can show pictures, but it doesn't show how people can interact. Video engages with people. They can see how people can interact.

 Jory: She doesn't do visual, she does words. With a video format you come across a whole new set of issues. New skill set. Do people need a video wrangler? (What is a video wrangler??) It's writing times 10.

 Ryanne: Does videoblogging have to be ME in the camera. they're writers, bperformers, photogrpahers.

 some pelople just love to watch. some like to write about video blogging. lots of ways to participate.


 You won't see me in the camera.

 Jay Dedmon:

 some peole would rather ue a camera to capture the world around them because they can't describe it in words.

 I think video can add to the blogging world.

 important to me to start breaking down cultural and other barriers. video can do that. A guy in China can show me his world without me ever getting to understand it. we show each other our dogs and moms. empathy is created.

 this net neutrality thing scares me because right when we have a sea change, it might not be there.

 the undercurrent of everything arund here are the social problems ... we can't agree about the facts. I don't believe what (a medium) tells me. I want direct contact.


 make it possible for people to create, edit on the fly... do for video blogging what typepad did for blogging. take your digital assets... lots of footage... take that info, drop it in... simpler than adobe premier.

 vloggercon is too insular.


 Motionbox... dabble... other tools that are getting easier.

 I play video games...

 Mary Hodder:

 I did blog something this morning about all the genres comoing up on independent sites. napsterization.com/stories

 peole are making mini tv shows. creating genres. agregating and remixiing snowboarding. indy shows. interviews. remixes and match-ups. brokebackto the future remix. own music videos. it's like, they;'re identifiying with the music and remaking the videos and they're the star. not necessarily lip syncing. you don'thve to be articulate or anything to make that particular video. you can make a video blog post that 's a music video.


 is that going to make change in the world?


 is it relevant... it really is both. most powerful part of why I do one on one is not media literacy issue. people playhing with the tools..;

 do people understand the motives of the blogs they read? how many are paid?

 not seen too much (shilling) in the video blogging world.

 wonder how much literacy is an aspect of this. who is making these images?


 you can make a music video, but you'r e also learning by doing yourself.

 pelple already know the language of video because you see these things.


 looking at the right-wing ... looks good in a n organic videobloggy kind of way... but...

 Erik from Podslug

 Tech crunch versus rocketboom... (Mike looks quizzical)...

 how do we make money?


 what I do is very personal...


 I hlope to hear from other people here..

 what's important is, video is very special. most of us consume it, but don't produce it. now we produce it. I hope that video on the web continues to be molded by the blogging role.

  versus what I fear: TV on the interent. MTV opens the floodgates.


 money aspect, integrity...

 weber grills has a website where they shoot video about how much they love their grills...

 shoot your kind of video...


 will there be a super video company? a Weblogs Inc. for video blogging? that they'll be more than stars. excecutives, too? is it rocketboom? is rocketboom amanda, or what?


 Amanda has 300K views per day.

 I believe she'll be distributing all of us.


 Rociketboom is andrew's network. but amanda is in hollywood now...


 cable tv was supposeed to be where you made TV. It was "public access". cable TV agreed because they knew it woiuld be meaningless. because the peoplle out there didn'thave the means to compete with the other 39 channels.

 they agreed because it wsn't a serious threat.

 this really isn't that.

 when it happens, it seems that the earlier chapter of bloggin g,.... two ways it can go.

 one is reproduce the systmem we3 have now, only it opens to more players. Like the peple at rocketboom. not fundamental changbe, but diffrent players.

 other is deeper change when people just stop watching televisions. people just watch commercial TV, becauswe they're making their own...

 because they spend less time in front of the t5ube...

 time is not being wasted the same wayu...

 commodification of time changes becasue we're not looking to make money off what we're watching or producing.

 the people formerly known as the audience... w

 when people pick up their cameras

 Lisa Williams:

 in defense of local access cable TV... it's vital, and it may be cut if legislation passes...


 the best quality video will come from each other. soon.


 I love american idol, but american idol doesn't lvoe you.

 a lot of us came from public access. Jay just left that to move here. You feel this power. i get to make my own show, gets seen by 20 people.


 audience may grow from 20 to 20k in a month.

 i don't know about the people in this room, but I'm a bleedimng edge guy, and I got rid of my TV this month. that's where we're heading. I produce and consume video. On my computer. If there's something on commercial TV I want, I'll buy it, or watch it on Youtube.

 we don't need a weblogs inc for videoblogging because the networks are already out there. they have the traffic coming to them.



 jay rosen's point is right. this is scary to the people in power. video affects what we think so strongly. thyey didn't bring up net neutrality when text bloggting came along. why now? I'd like to know if I'm wrong on that


 we;re going to see a lot more text blogs, but it's not easy to produ ce 30 minutes of good video. but we will see more good production over time. if you only have 10 peole watching, it will be the right ten peoploe. what matters isn't how much. it's who. If yoiu get the right 500 people to tune in an d wach you, it's a home run.


 yes, youtube and other video sites, ahve lots you can watch. butyou need pacemakers who can help you discover what to watch. you can scan text faster.

 there need to be people you trust to help you discover things you might like.

 intelligent agents for each other


 i feel like a scientist up here

 people are like filters.


 conf at wnet. interesting. kara something , new pres or ceo of PBS. did the keynote. spent the day talking about what we watch and make online. theythou=ght they had the key to all the good stuff. then she gets up and speaks and tells them that they can't make the distinction between elite and the rest of us. the only thing that pbs has is community. all of their programming is done by people who live in the community and know their enthusiasts. who sendsw the money. ABC and HBO don't have that.

 while the folks there didn't nikow wht to do with rogue video bloggers, this CEO got the piece that community matters. but doubt that the big guys get that.


 I'm fascinated by the video blogging community.

 I thinik that podcasters are the odd people out. they[ seem more interesed in commercialism and production value. seem more interested in joining than fighting radio.

 bloggers and vloggers seem to have more in commojn. fight oriented. versus hug oriented.


 that's total crap




 you get a mix of all these different kinds of people

 media literacy... all kind of the same thing.

 not about the content part... it's too early. bloggers have outgrown that issue...

 podcasters have a love hatefest that's at this stage


 last thing I said at vloggercon was that I loved their passion for creating.


 I resnent the attack on my... production values,. (he has none)


 I did two video blog posts... econd was about chris making stupid faces...

 Erik from Podslug:

 audio quality... arrington's cell phone.


 where i got into video blogging was I saw a post on boingboing where something on fire ants... was a communityof video bloggers...


 booston, zoom on public tv. influenced as a kid. done in a studio...


 production values changes the way people respond to it. with lower production values, pelple respond to the production quality.


 that's the priesthood. steve did a podcast with a guy from NPR, and the guy said we're safe from podcasters because they don't have any production values. You'r saying in order for anybody to watch my video yuou have to put prod values into it.


 I'm not saying that. the only barrier is time. theyh can see over time...


 Prod values are up to you. One guy named anthony who would smoke pot in front of his camera all day and everybody watched...

 Dave Man...

 i've done the public access thing. we want to be on the moment. two and a half weeks later at 5am ...

 then I threw away the cameras and the final cut pro. put it in crappy form. bands get recorded good and want you to make it sound shitty.

 If something reminds you of TV...

 it's gonna be a different scene and all bets are off.


 there are times when I;'m walking


 how maqny bloggers do we bust for lack of spell checkers?

 use yoiur crappy hi-8. make something workth listening to and watching.


 where the the porn video bloggers


 soccergirl, singledad. xvideo. suicidegirls.


 what's thje bill, how are they hosting?


 what do we want video to add to this world...

 two years later, it's so exciting. I hear all these questions and concerns. it's the wild west right now. everybody is trying to figure it out, and nobody knows.

 if you had everytihng you wanted, what would you want it to be.


 want the vast directory for everything. without a silo.


 there are people talking about this. this is becoming a real Voltron. (a japanimaiton thing) many little companies to fight the google beast.


 tlak about what's involved in making a videoblog.


 I run freevlog.org. people use all different things. It's up to yoiu. things are cheap.

 you probably have editing sofrtware on your computer.

 also ourmedia.org/learningcenter

 Susan Mernit:

 families documenting their children

 some kind of livejournal or easyjournal or some kind of ...

 what needs to be put in place to make that happen. knowledge, not technology.


 it's just access to knowledge. Shlomo, jay and I are part of node101... my mom videoblogs because i taught her.


 beenwriting fvor over 5 years. the big missing piece is getting it onto the web easily. ultimately people need a publish to the web feature... sort of some crappy solutions that exist to do that.

 Dave M:

 we don't understand all the ins and outs.

 the bigger problem is the social network discovery mechanism via metadata. we know from podcasting and Rss we can decentralize. so that if you're tagged at myspace it will show up in odeo.

 we track the internet by the human filter. find where peole hang out.

 most important part that we can traverse is all these walled garden. getting the data back to the person's own feed area. so the communty can build on the tagging and the info.


 biggest barrier to entry is the whole compression issue. won't change anytime soon. all about money and walling things into constructs.


 codecs are a big choice. needd a starting point from which to customize.

 c hris:

 when ponzi was looking for a way to get onto ... she hooked onto picasa. but there is a way you can upload your video instantly into google video. will acclellerat eht erate of adption...


 was on the phone with cspan last week. worked out a deal with google because they're building in a DRM and royalty system..


 the codec is the silo. .ogg is the way out.


 problem with interop is that the little companies.. video ? are talking to each other so you can pull data out... the other side of it is to go and ask fo rwhat you want from specific companies. a frustration with companies is that those places don't think it's a priority. they need to think theyu're doing it for enough peolle that it matters.


 some places, like blip.tv, are geeks and will listen.


 excitied about i-tags. I happen to like the tag "reggae". so I click there and see everything tagged that way.


 what's the most successful format that will reach the most people?Lowest common denominator.


 mpeg4 . I recommend athat always. whether in wav or mov. that's the safe one. but I might gtet pummelled for that.


 Mpeg4 is a container with many implementations. some have been twisted by different companies.



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