Citizen Journalism, Day 1: Multimedia


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 Andrew Lih: 

 How can we use multimedia to create better citizen journalism?

 Wikipedia definition... new word: interactivity.

 define citizen journalism...jason crow defining cj projectdocumentary.com

 cj is people!

 andrew demonstrates. shoots with an ordinary camera. uploads it to his laptop.

 videoblogs: Jay Dedman. doing videos of his life. "Moments showing". that's the story of his life. Covered Josh Wolf, who went to jail for refusing to give his clips to a fed grand jury. joshwolf.net.

 christopher lydon's Open Source radio show. he puts it up on the web first. people can send in audio first.

 global voices. blogs aggregated from around the world.

 youtube. lots of people are using it. because YT has made it easy. has a way to respond. 'post a video response'.


 all links are on SteveGarfield.com.

 AOL UnCut Video Release... see what you're signing away.

 ZeFrank.com. the Show. Hello Sports Racers! Knowledge is at the unconference! He has comments just like regular blogs do, but also wants you to upload stuff. People write his friday stuff for him on the wiki. Earth sandwiches.

 ChicagoCrime.org. taking info that exists, making it more available.

 Opening up to the room: how can we use multimedia to create better cj?

 ___: SeriousMagic.com Visual creator 2? all drag and drop.  

 Dan Kennedy, Northeastern U. Comments on videobloging vs. local access. Wondering if you see it supplanting or supplementing local access. there have been some regulatory proposals relieving cable companies from providing local access. Does it become an excuse for allowing local access to die off because "it's all going to the net." 

 Andrew: videoblogging is a way for local access people to expand beyond cable.  

 Dan: what about the flip side of that? 

 Doc: The cable giants are sufficiently eager to relieve themselves of local responsibility. Don't need us. 

 ___: Cable guys using local access for the one-to-many side of the mix. We need to think about the infrastructure already built, and protecting the beachfront property. 

 Andrew: some newspapers will say 'here's an audio account'. Certainly audio and video can add to a story. Lots of value that can be added.  

 Lisa: Want to say how incredibly vital local access is. i record the local access feed of city council meetings. Need an incredibly drop-dead easy way to make public meetings public. screen captures of clips of town council meetings. Watching the town councillors fight is the most popular thing on the blog. 

 Colin Rhinesmith: Important for public access and citizen media folks to be working together. Public access IS citizen journalism. Public access centers are having to think about new ways to distribute. This may be a means of survival as the calbecos and tellcos threaten to drop public access channels and funding. some access channels are the only ones in the state. this is vital... work together, tap into each other's resources. 

 ___: Bills like COPE, which will grievously injure not only public access, net neutrality, and much more. people should really pay attention to this stuff. The bills may not pass this year, but the 'cos will come back over and over and need to be fought. 

 Dan Bricklin: there are two ways to cover... longform, such as whole meetings; and clips (e.g. of Jon Stewart). We're losing people who know how to use expensive equipment.... knowing how to get good sound... that's tough. Video I think we've got. but the audio we have tofigure out and get the funding right. 

 Chris Messina: Education. Node101.org. set up centers to educate people about videoblogging. Bostonmediamakers. Node101 weekend: August 11-13 to celebrate vloggers. Podcamp sept 9-10, based on barcamp. QT broadcaster needs to be improved. Adobe makes a tool that costs too much and takes too long to set up. Doug Kaye at IT conversations does a lot of that good work. TPN out of australia as well.  

 Andrew: need a way to broadcast and archive what's going on, live. 

 Chris: had a ValleySchwag party. I took a macbook, with QT broadcaster, hooked up to Joi Ito's server in japan. Peoploe could hook up over IRC or skype, and participate. Remote participation in an event is valuable.  

 Steve: OurMedia has a free server for stuff. We need others.  

 ___ cc poland... I am growing uneasy... m first thought is, the boundary between concepts is blurring. Hello to the camera and a clip is not journalism. there may be no news behind it. Only conveys a message. ties into what Ethan said about the cost of equipment. Multimedia doesn't necessarily make better journalism. Vbloggers -- this might not be fair -- is more about tools and excitement. But is not journalism. Conference in Rio... lots of photos... cory says it's enough to have text... still dealing with gay rights in poland. What will citizen journalism be like there? they only serve as things to peruse? I need to do hard work. We need someone to go over these and rewrite them. More fun to make a video, but...  

 ___: Steve mentioned jumpedit. ispot. how environmentalists hacked the chevy ads... if you had no resources (other than a laptop), and you use ispot, you can go and use all that stuff out there and create documentaries. exceptional ones...  

  (from poland) collating and curating isn't enough. 

 Steve: will post moments from the conference. Enough for somebodhy to write a story from raw material. 

 ___ journalist from poland: Multimedia is great; but from the perspective of Poland, it might be an obstruction. Broadband is not a common resource. I have the fastest possible and it's really slow. When we create it, we have to make it for a certain target. Some message may not be simple to receive. it's hard.  

 Micah: I appreciate the intervention that the journalist from poland made. but we are more moved by sound and pictures than by words. The best stuff will bubble up.; the definition of invfestigative journalism is telling us infrormationj that matters. The first IJ was the guy who went into the cave to make sure there were no bears inside. we now have the tool 

 Jason Calacanis: we're seeing these little chunks on their own . Havbing been an oldschool J ten years ago... well, now the process is transparent. you, or a community can collect them. Ken Lay case. Did he really die, etc. Error prone but quicker.  

 Sheldon: Mixed feelings about multimedia. might be a very inefficient way of reaching people. Wife would plant herself infront of the TV waiting for a weather report. it helps to look for the same on the web, but... where video works is usually because it's entertaining. Like the star wars kid videos.  

 Dan: organizer pregogative... not necessarily that people are going to be doing full production news segments, but using Aand V as illustration. Short clips can illustrate the larger thing. Any of us can do that. Prod values matter less than authenticity. The pan around the room can be like a reporter's notebook. The illustrative part seems like a really good way to do it. 

 ___: not said clearly yet that 'under creative commons' is not helpful, because there are multiple licenses. Many levels and forms of restrictions are included. we need to agree on a standard of freedom, so that the stuff is useful 

 Doc: video on cellphones in poland? multimedia? 

 ___: photo cameras used extensively. we clearly have differences in deployment. 

 frank Moretti: does CJ have anything to do with power. we don't talk about citizenshiop absent power. I work a lot with MM, but the notion that somehow these have something to do with power... no child left behind is a punishing commitment to basics. if you do a poll in this room, you'll find most have mastered the basis. we have diverged radically from the way people are really enabled in society.  

 ___: Ann , computer science masters student. tools comment. found on videos that connections are not all fast. a collage of photographs may be one way .. making movies from pictures. doesn't enable you to put chapter headings in... ways to put text, automatic transcribing... voice to text is getting better... 

 Dan Bricklin: the U.S. is way behind some other countries. Like Korea. A few years back a little.jpg was a problem.Need the long view here. Now we're able to record things we couldn't record before. Illustrative examples: zapruder film. Rodney king. these were important to the country in many ways. just because the big media company camera wasn't there doesn't mean it's not important. YOur par tof the world will have it. 

 Finished. Lunch is at Ropes-Gray. 




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