Citizen Journalism, Day 1: Welcome

 Online jazz 

 Also on IRC:

 http://www.ircatwork.com ... that's the easy way.

 irc.freenode.net #citmedia

 This outline is at http://www.scripting.com/docNography (with thanks to Dave Winer for making this possible).

 Dan Gillmor: 

 Hello... fellow with Berkman, Center for Individual Media

 First of these unconferences

 Unconference means you (gathered formerly known as the audience) are the panel. What we know far exceeds that of whomever we put in front. We are shamelessly copying what Dave Winer taught us.

 We're here to learn from each other.

 Administrative things...

 Lunch upstairs in Ropes-Gray

 Doc will tell us what we're saying to each other.

 IRC will chat away


 We have experts. They'll say a little about what they know, and will pull out of you what you know,.

 We have six of them.

 Each a 50 minute hour. Like psychiatry. (audience: 40 minutes)

 To say on schedule... thanks to...

 Erica George (Berkman staffer, prinicpal organizer of wht actually works today)

 Colin Rhinesmith (Berkman staffer, working on recording for Webcast, available later, other stuff)

 Berkman Center in general, colleagues... great organization.


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