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My Name is Dave Winer

If you're in a hurry...

I'm 42, a software developer and web writer, and I run a news website.

This site has an outline listing all the pages.

I live in California. My email address is

A brief bio.

My life as a software developer, part one. (Thru 1988.)

My life as a software developer, part two. (Thru late 1997.)

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The new home page for 24 Hours of Democracy is here on

America OnlIne is bundling our IdleTime INIT with their new Mac chat program. A technical description of IdleTime is here. AOL's software uses the INIT to tell how long it's been since you moved or clicked the mouse, or pressed a key on the keyboard, or inserted a disk.

Now I will taunt you!

My Name is Dave Winer

dave2 picture

My name is Dave Winer. Yes! That's what I look like. Yah. OK.

I really talk that way! I do. Uh hhhhuh.

The picture was taken in the summer of 1995.

Hey -- I'm the sysop of this server.

If you have a question relating to Frontier or any of my other software, please send mail to one of the Frontier mailing lists. I usually don't have time to answer questions one-one. Sorry! But I have a life. Or something like that. Still digging!

That said, since I sometimes get flame-mail from strangers, if you are feeling respectful right now and you have something important to say, you may send me email at Cooool.

Want to see a more recent picture? Glad you asked!

That picture was taken by Steven Noreyko at Macworld Expo in San Francisco in January 1996. I think it's a great picture. Thanks Steven! We sang "Give Peace a Chance" that day. And I sang a little Aretha. Some people told me afterwards that it would be a good idea to stick with software. I thought I sang pretty well, actually.

Dave Winer

PS: If you want to point to me as a person, please point to this page.

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