Incoming Objects Agent

This is a fat page containing system.agents.incomingObjects.

It watches a sub-folder of the Frontier folder called (surprise!) Incoming Objects.

When a file appears in this folder, it loads the file into the object database.

The file is assumed to be a fat page file, in other words, it contains an embedded Frontier object.

Why do I need this?

It allows me to load server scripts into this machine, even though it's far away from where I work. All I need is a file sharing connection. Export an object from my database into the remote system's Incoming Objects folder, and within at most five seconds, it's in the remote system database, ready for testing.

We've had this kind of stuff working on the Mac, now it works in Frontier 5 on Windows. It's a basic foundation for our workflow features, which we're getting ready to test and deploy on Windows.

It maintains a log file in HTML format. The script is running on www.userland.com.

2/15/98 DW

I modified the script to not terminate when there's an error.

Sometimes I'd import into a table that doesn't exist on the server machine. That would cause the script to terminate with an error. Not good behavior for an agent script, it's supposed to stay running unless something really terrible happens.

If there's an error, the message is added to the log instead of the address of the object.

This is a fat web page containing system.agents.incomingObjects. More info on fat pages here.

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