Source for Palm Springs Slide Show

By popular demand, here is a fat page containing the source for the slide show I gave in Palm Springs on 1/27/98.

To do your own slide show, edit the outline at websites.teched.#outline.

Then run the script that builds the individual slides from the outline. It's in the #tools table, called "build".

Then publish the table as you would publish any website.

It could be a little easier, but I wasn't going for commercial quality, just something nice and presentable.


Here's an email from Bill Futreal, futreal@mindspring.com, explaining how he converted a PowerPoint presentation to work with this site...

Using your slide show example has been great. The thing is so very simple, and that very simplicity points out the power built into Frontier 5. I've put three PowerPoint 97 presentations into Frontier in about a hour.

Here's what I did. In PowerPoint, I switched to the outline viewer. I did a Select All, and then an Edit...Copy. I switched back over to Frontier, and defined a new sub-table within my websites table. I created a blank outline and then pasted the PowerPoint text into the outline. I had to perform the outline indentation by hand, but that only took a few minutes.

I then set up my template to mimic the original PowerPoint layout (basically, just a quick bordered table). I set up my prefs for background and foreground colors, ran your "build" script and...voila!

A perfectly rendered HTML version of the PowerPoint slides. Beautiful! Now I have something that can be put on the intranet I'm building this for AND that can be searched and indexed properly. A HUGE advantage over the graphic based save as HTML option built into PowerPoint.

Many problems solved for me.


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