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Remote Web Page Editing

This suite is another step in the process of developing the Frontier web publishing system.

The WebEdit suite allows writers and editors to edit web pages stored in a server running Frontier.

Menu items in the shared web browser menu allow an editor to edit and render pages, view the contents of tables, create new tables, and view the outbox.

Custody tracking and security are built into the system.

Installing the WebEdit suite

After getting the suite from this page, also be sure you have three additional suites: the People Suite, Custody Suite, and ODB Server.

Get each of these and follow the installation instructions, then run the script at webEdit.init.

Setting Up a Client

With your web browser running, choose "Set My Password..." from the WebEdit menu in the Scripts menu. Type your password.

To set the IP address of the server running Frontier, choose "Set Server IP Address..." from the WebEdit menu. Type in the IP address of the server.

You will probably want to enlarge the time-out value. Go to user.odbServer.prefs.timeOutSecs and change this to something like 30.

Setting Up a Server

The server menu is in Frontier. Choose "WebEdit" from the Suites menu.

To add a new user, choose "New User..." from the WebEdit menu. Enter the user's name, email address, and password.

You can disenable users with the Disenable User command.

To start and stop the server, select the Start Server and Stop Server menu commands.

Using the Web Edit suite

The menu items in the WebEdit menu in your browser's shared menu are mostly self-explanatory.

The first three items -- Edit Page, Send Page, and Render Page -- allow you to edit, return, and render the frontmost page in your web browser.

The menu item "Send Frontier Object..." allows you to send any Frontier object to be installed in the remote server.

The View Table and New Table menu items allow you to view the contents of a table and create a new table.

View Outbox shows you the contents of the outbox. The outbox is a list of who has custody of what objects.

The last items in the WebEdit menu allow you to set your password, set the IP address of your server, and view the log of your transactions.

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