Betty's Dynamic Website

Since we started down the Betty path, I bet some people who are using Frontier to manage static sites have been wondering what's going on. Thank you for your patience!

Perhaps you've noticed that we're running more surveys lately. Part of the reason is that it's become very easy to set them up. Just a few minutes from conception to implementation.


Want some examples?

Due to an imbalanced update process, the numbers on these surveys have been getting reset to zero. It won't happen any more. Sorry!

Web-based admin

Anyway... There's another kind of dynamic site that's interesting, one that's designed to change values in the object database. This allows us to put friendly faces on stuff that's intimidating. This feature is key to the commercialization of Frontier, and should be of interest to anyone who wants to build turnkey systems implemented in Frontier. Ease of learning and accessibility are key in these areas.

Give it a whirl! All you need is Frontier and a web browser. In this demo we're supplying the Frontier and you're supplying the web browser. Did a light bulb just go on? I hope so! (Hint: Web servers aren't just for servers anymore.)

DHTML and connections to Dreamweaver will help too.

It's a fat page

OK -- so this is a fat page that contains the source for the dynamic site on betty.userland.com. You can download and look thru it even if you aren't running Betty. It may give you some ideas. In fact, I'm sure it will.

It's time for me to take a walk!


This is a fat web page containing websites.bettyDynamicSite. More info on fat pages here.

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