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Credits Page

Many thanks to these people for their help with Frontier!

Frontier is free.

That means that we've needed to rely on our community to provide the functions that normally, in our experience as commercial developers, were played by employees.

Testing, getting user feedback, writing sample material and scripts, have all been done voluntarily by some very talented and generous people. We couldn't do it without lots of help. And luckily it's been there.

Many thanks to the following people for their help in getting various releases of Frontier out the door.

January 1997 -- Frontier 4.2/Mac.

Preston Holmes, Jim Correia, Leonard Rosenthol, Danis Georgiadis, Brent Simmons, Scott Lawton, Alan German.

Everyone from previous releases.

All DaveNet subscribers.

For clean positive energy, ideas and encouragement -- Chuck Shotton, Chris Gulker, Craig Cline, Kevin Compton, Janet Vratny, Jean-Louis Gassˇe, Beno”t Schillings, Brigham Stevens, Eric Schmidt, Larry Tesler, Kim Polese, Steve Wozniak, Andy Ihnatko, Robert Hess, Greg Galanos, Heidi Roizen, Glenn Davis, Mason Hale, Jordan Mattson, Scott Shwarts, Alex Hopmann.

October 1996 -- Frontier 4.1/Mac.

Everyone on the Frontier-talk list especially Preston Holmes and Brent Simmons. Thanks to Dick Munroe for operating the Frontier list servers and the backbone of the LTODBS.

More! Chuck Shotton, Don Bradford, Leonard Rosenthol, Alan German, Danis Georgiadis, Sally Atkins, Kim Polese, Spud, Jon Stevens, Brent Deverman, Henri Asseily, Jim Correia, Mark Alldritt, Scott Lawton, Maya, Ed Iacobucci, Wesley Felter, Roy and Bruce Leban, Raines Cohen, Tattoo Mabonzo.

A special thanks to Steven Noreyko for saving the User's Guide.

May 1996 -- Frontier 4.0/Mac.

Alan German, Aleks Totic, Andre Radke, Barton, Brian Buck, Brent Simmons, Cameron Smith, Chip Bayers, Chuck Shotton, Chris Gulker, Daniel Berlinger, Diana Oswald, Dick Munroe, Don Bradford, Eric Newman, "Eugene Barnes", Fred Terry, Glenn Davis, Greg Galanos, Harbin Hot Springs, Heidi Roizen, HotWired, Ignatius Reilly, Jack Russo, John Russo, John Baxter, Jon Pugh, Jon Stevens, June Cohen, Kim Polese, Kyle Jessup, Leonard Rosenthol, Manton Reece, Marc Andreessen, Mason Hale, Mike Hutchinson, Peter N Lewis, Preston Holmes, Rich Siegel, Scott Lawton, Spud, Steve Dorner, Steven Noreyko, Steve Zellers, Wesley Felter, Wegman's.

From the Frontier 3.0 page...

The best darned test sites this side of the Continental Divide.

Baiss E. Magnusson, Bob DeLaurentis, Bob Schumaker, Chris Ryland, Dave Ely, David Shaver, Don Olson, Donald Brown, Ed Draper, Eugene Barnes, Joe Sewell, John W. Baxter, Leonard Rosenthol, Mark Sundstrom, Mayson Lancaster, Mike Cohen, Percy Earley, Peter Dako, Reede Stockton, Rich Parker, Richard Scorer, Scott S. Lawton, Steve Michel, Steve Zellers, Stew Rubenstein, Terry Teague, Tom Trinko.

Special call-out to the 1992 Rookie of the Year, Peter Dako, and to John Baxter, whose installation into the Frontier hall of fame seems a sure thing at this point.

Thanks to all of you guys for making Frontier 3.0 possible!

From the Frontier 1.0 page...

We would particularly like to thank the following people:

Randy Battat, Tracy Beiers, Eagle Berns, Tony Bove, Don Brown, Kevin Calhoun, Ben Calica, Dave Carlick, Datapak Software, Fred Davis, Pam Deziel, Chris Espinosa, Rich Gartland, Jean-Louis Gassˇe, Dave Jacobs, Christoph Jaggi, Bob LeVitus, Steve Levy, Rich McEachern, Steve Michel, Mike O'Connor, Michael Odawa, Tom Petaccia, Leonard Rosenthal, Jack Russo, Art Schumer, Francis Stanbach, Reede Stockton, Pete Stoddard, Michael Swaine, David Szetela, Terry Teague, Scott Trotter, Eve Winer, Leon Winer, Peter Winer, Mark Womack.

And to our worldwide family of beta sites, too numerous to mention here. Thanks!

The original 1991 product team

Alice Lankester, Judi Lowenstein, Dan Shafer, Doug Baron, Dave Winer.

Interesting note...

We've been blessed with some great friendships that helped make Frontier really work. There is some hope in these lists, and sometimes that hope wasn't realized. People come and go. Some people deliver and some don't. But...

Leonard Rosenthol is on all four lists!

A very special thanks to Leonard for believing in this stuff and putting his beliefs into his software.

Dave Winer, Doug Baron

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