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Frontier 5
shipped in
January 1998.

The information
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How Are We Doing?

We're a few days into the release of Frontier 4.2, and I'd like to invite people to send me a private email on how we're doing.

  • Is Frontier working?

  • Are the docs good enough now for you to learn how to use Frontier?

  • What do you want to know that you haven't been able to find out about yet?

  • How can we improve the product, or improve the website, or what kinds of sample scripts are you interested in seeing?

I will not be able to respond to each message I get, based on past experience. But I want to invite people to communicate now on how it's working out.

Send the email to, and make the subject "How You're Doing".


Dave Winer

PS: The most effective messages are ones sent to the Frontier-talk and Frontier-beginners mailing lists (see the Frontier Mailing Lists page).

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