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Frontier 5
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January 1998.

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How to Wear the Frontier Logo

How to tell the world that your site is built with Frontier.

Are you using Frontier to build a website? If so, it would make us very happy if you'd display this logo on your home page, or on a credits page, or where ever you think it makes sense.

siteScriptedWithFrontier Picture

There's a copy of the gif in the Misc Stuff folder, it's called siteScriptedWithFrontier.gif.

Link to the Frontier home page:

Here's what the HTML code looks like:

<a href=""> <img src="" border=0></a>

Let me know if you're using this graphic on one of your pages. Send me the url, my email address is If I get swamped, I'll put up a CGI script to gather the URLs.

Check out the voting page at WebEdge. Are you dying to use one of the graphics on that page, or do your own? Go for it! Be creative. Have fun. Just let people know that you love Frontier. That's what counts.

Finally, thank you for learning how to use Frontier.

Not enough people know about it.

Please help spread the word!

Dave Winer

PS: Thanks to Steven Noreyko for the winning design. His logo got 24 percent of the vote. Very coooool! [What happened to the small sheriffs?]

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