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The Low Tech Object Distribution Server

The LTODBS is the backbone for object distribution in the Frontier scripting community.

by Dave Winer,

Frontier.root, the database that contains scripts and data and web material is a structure we share. There are places to plug in new functionality.

Frontier is also a growing community linked together with several mailing lists. We make tools and maintain them. Most of us are also webmasters, so the tools can be documented and distributed thru the web.

The backbone of the distribution system is called the Low Tech Object Distribution Server, or LTODBS for short. It's a single web page, hosted at:

You can get to all the stuff published by the LTODBS sysops thru this page.

Many thanks to Dick Munroe at Acorn Software for taking charge of the software and the sysopping job. It's important that the LTODBS be independent of UserLand.

Being part of the system

Experienced Frontier users with software to distribute can be part of the LTODBS network. Check out the Sysop suite.

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