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News & Updates -- Thru December 1996

Tue, Dec 31, 1996

Thanks for a grrrrreat 1996. Looking forward to more fun in 1997!

WebCalendar 1.0b6.

Chicago Tribune on Apple.

Mon, Dec 30, 1996

300 Mhz Macs?

Frontier 4.2b5 upgrader is available on the "Frontier 4.2 Betas" page.

MacBinary III spec.

TechWeb article on Apple SEC filing.

Tony Bove on Apple.

DaveNet piece: "Another Monday!"

Sun, Dec 29, 1996

Marimba on the "Classified Ads" server.

I hit a deal stopper while Playing with Apple's Web Server.

Sat, Dec 28, 1996

Playing with Apple's Web Server.

Apple web server supports CGIs.

Fri, Dec 27, 1996

Amy Wohl on the Apple/Next deal.

Wed, Dec 25, 1996

"A Note for NEWS.COM Readers".

MCF and UserLand.

Stanford's Frontier-webmaster list.

Tue, Dec 24, 1996

Netscape's Marc Andreessen on the Next/Apple deal.

DaveNet piece: "Depend on Developers".

Mon, Dec 23, 1996

Henry Norr's column in MacWEEK. Very thorough.

DaveNet piece: "Apple Press Conference".

DaveNet piece: "It Still Doesn't Parse".

Interesting press release... probably not true though.

AnchorDesk spins positive on Apple/Next.

UserLand's first corporate website.

Sun, Dec 22, 1996

A brief report on WebObjects.

Web Calendar -- a Frontier CGI app.

DaveNet piece: "It's About Investment".

Sat, Dec 21, 1996

The new Frontier-Webmaster list at Stanford on the Frontier Mailing Lists page.

DaveNet piece: "Lame Duck".

MacWEEK story with lots of details. has lots of pointers to information about the Apple acquisition of NeXT.

Dan Gillmore's column in the San Jose Mercury-News.

Recent Red Herring article on Next.

Fri, Dec 20, 1996

DaveNet piece: "It's True!".

ODB Engine 1.0b3 is available on the "Object Database Engine" page.

Jim Correia's MCF Generator droplet.

DaveNet piece: "The Long and Winding Loop". starts up.

Thu, Dec 19, 1996

Microsoft Script Debugger for Internet Explorer.

"People will be using System 7 for probably another 10 years," said Apple CEO Gil Amelio, in MacWEEK.

Brent Simmons's pre-release ServerMacros package. Coool beans!

DaveNet piece: "John Shoch on Clean Rooms".

Wed, Dec 18, 1996

C++ Wrapper for ODB Engine from Brad Pettit. Thanks Brad!

Frontier-code mailing list starts up.

Marimba, PowerComputing, Electric Minds on the "Classified Ads" server.

DaveNet piece: "The Killer Tag".

Tue, Dec 17, 1996

DaveNet piece: "A Custom Cookie-Cutter".

I got a web-based holiday card from Daniel Berlinger.

Mon, Dec 16, 1996

The 4.2b5 release is available on the "Frontier 4.2 Betas" page.

Next/Prev links on the "Midas website". With 4.2b5, you can have them too. See the "Frontier 4.2 Development Narrative" page for details.

Sun, Dec 15, 1996

The 4.2b4 release is available on the "Frontier 4.2 Betas" page.

The 4.2b3 release is available on the "Frontier 4.2 Betas" page.

"Chuck Shotton" and "Sean McNamara" tell stories.

Sat, Dec 14, 1996

"Lynn Welge on Apple's personal web server".

Fixed links on our MIDAS site. Trolling for ideas for a file-system-based link checker.

Other news: Looking for people who understand MCF to work with me on a droplet utility to create MCF for any random site.

A new version of WebCollage is coming, with a cleaner connection to Frontier.

Also looking for help in cleaning up and documenting Frontier as a CGI platform for NetPresenz.

Send me email,, if you can help with any of these projects. Thanks!

Fri, Dec 13, 1996

DaveNet piece: "Accept & Respect".

Thu, Dec 12, 1996

"Special Mailing List for Frontier 4.2 Beta Feedback".

4.2b2 Upgrader available on "Frontier 4.2 Betas" page

Wed, Dec 11, 1996

"Frontier 4.2 Betas" process starts.

Frontier on Netscape's site.

New secondary FTP server on LAN.

Mon, Dec 9, 1996

BlitzMail is scriptable.

Sun, Dec 8, 1996

A page I did for a new Netscape website.

Updated screen shot:

Smaller screen shot:

Sat, Dec 7, 1996

You can download Apple's personal web server. It would be interesting to find out if it supports Frontier CGIs. I can't install it on my net because all my Macs are already running production web servers.

Completed switchover to T1. Our new ISP...

conxion Picture

Great job and great energy!

Fri, Dec 6, 1996

DaveNet piece: "Does Anyone Own Syntax?"

Client-side includes proposal.

Thu, Dec 5, 1996

DaveNet piece: "It's HTML, Dummy!".

Try out my new T1 line!

Tue, Dec 3, 1996

Source for Frontier Website released.

Check this out and please add your two cents.

Frontier-talk list seems to be down. Use the "BBS" in the meantime.

MacWEEK: Interesting start, but he's still looking to Apple to solve the problems. Adobe and Macromedia won't do for the web what they did for print. The answers are (still) in the developer community, not Apple.

Mon, Dec 2, 1996

DaveNet piece: "All I Want for Christmas".

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