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News & Updates -- Thru June 1996

Thu, Jun 27, 1996

New Technology: "Editing Object Database Text with BBEdit".

Sun, Jun 23, 1996

DaveNet piece: "The Go Ahead People".

Mon, Jun 17, 1996

DaveNet piece: "Mac Web Server Performance".

Sun, Jun 16, 1996

Brent Simmons puts the UCMD website on the air.

Fri, Jun 14, 1996

DaveNet piece: "Apple Embraces Internet Config".

Thu, Jun 13, 1996

DaveNet piece: "Email by Amelio".

Wed, Jun 12, 1996

Minor fixes to the "DocServer Website".

DaveNet piece: "Free Speech & Software".

Tue, Jun 11, 1996

MacWEEK: Apple Blows Smoke at Internet Developers.

Chuck Shotton responds.

Mon, Jun 10, 1996

DaveNet piece: "Hosing the Hoaxes".

Sat, Jun 8, 1996

Claris is Running Frontier on their website for their CGI scripts. Cooool! Here's a more interesting example of what they're doing.

Fri, Jun 7, 1996

DaveNet Piece: Picky Crabb.

Thu, Jun 6, 1996

Newton developers use Frontier on the web to build customized Newton apps. Wow!

Don Crabb of MacWEEK stirs the pot of the Frontier community.

Wed, Jun 5, 1996

"Internet Config" website goes on the air.

Tue, Jun 4, 1996

"The Load AppleScript Droplet" provides an easy way to bring your AppleScripts into the Frontier environment.

Mon, Jun 3, 1996

DaveNet Piece: "Of Mice and Menus".

Sat, Jun 1, 1996

"Frontier SDK" page opens for business.

Apple announces corporate reorganization.

Fri, May 31, 1996

"Guestbook" goes live on an experimental basis. Check it out. Be the first to sign in!

DaveNet Piece: "Long Live Timothy Leary" by John Perry Barlow.

Tue, May 28, 1996

DaveNet Piece: What Java is Saying.

Sun, May 26, 1996

Primary FTP server moved to This server is upstream from my Mac servers, running at I hope it's more reliable than GeoNet was. The change should be invisible, the main link on the "download" page has been updated. If there are problems downloading, please send email to, cc'd to

Sat, May 25, 1996

"Search Page" goes on the air.

Updated home page:

Apple's website: They're using Frontier. [Neat!]

MacWEEK: AppleScript revived.

Henry Norr, a columnist at MacWEEK, is dreaming of new Apple technology.

Fri, May 24, 1996

DaveNet Piece: "See You In The Market".

Thu, May 23, 1996

"DaveNet Mail" site goes on the air.

New AppleScript page:

DaveNet Piece: Embrace & Extend.

Tue, May 21, 1996

DaveNet Piece: Java Java Java.

If you get a [Macro error: Component Manager error. Its code number is -32767.] in your rendered text, try quitting Frontier and relaunching. If it persists, please report. PS: The Installer script could have prevented this. Sorry!

Mon, May 20, 1996

The 4.0.1 upgrade package is ready! If you're starting fresh with Frontier 4.0, you can get the full 4.0.1 package from the "download" page.

Nerd's Guide to this Website explains how the DaveNet website is managed with Frontier 4.0.1, and has a download link for the source code to the website. It's a case study of using Frontier to manage a large dynamic website.

Sat, May 18, 1996

The "Load OSAX" page goes up, explaining how to import AppleScript "osaxen" into the Frontier object database. It's required reading for anyone working on websites in Frontier. An overview of the 4.0.1 features in a walk-thru.

New DaveNet website goes on the air. All back issues are there. Suck-style user interface (the old one, not the new frame-oriented one). Coming soon, an About this Website page explaining how the website is built. Also coming soon, a preview edition of the new stuff in 4.0.1.

Thu, May 16, 1996

DaveNet piece: "Microsoft's Web Outliner".

I did a screen shot for MacWEEK.

Wed, May 15, 1996

Added two more sites to the "download" page. More coming soon.

Added "tips" page, derived from, with additions from other places. Come back to this page for newly uncovered shortcuts and hidden features in Frontier.

DaveNet piece: "A Curiosity".

If you use a product that could benefit from menu sharing, send an email to the developer respectfully asking them to take a look at the "Menu Sharing" page. Thanks!

Added important note from Brent Simmons to Your First Script page.

Tue, May 14, 1996

Your First Script page goes live.

DaveNet piece: "Apple Could Zig".

In my last DaveNet piece, Watch This!, I gave an overview of the elements of website management in Frontier 4.0. Technical details are on the "Web Scripting" page.

Mon, May 13, 1996

"TidBITS#328": "Frontier can make it easy to create and manage vast, consistent Web sites."

BBEdit users: the readme in the Misc Stuff folder has an error. When testing the Page Preview command, please include <html> and </html> tags so the text will be properly rendered by the browser. The "BBEdit" page on this website has been corrected.

Sun, May 12, 1996

Added "droplets" page.

"Welcome" page goes live.

Rewrite of the "We Love AppleScript!" page.

DaveNet piece: "Watch This!".

Check out Apple's NetFinder. Leonard says we should do this in Frontier scripts, and there's no doubt it could be done. But it's appropriate that Apple make the Mac file system browsable in Netscape and MSIE. They can do this on Windows. It's cool that Apple is filling in this blank. And it opens up the Finder to scripting in an interesting way. Works across the Net. Yeah!

Sat, May 11, 1996

Updated the "logo page" to include instructions for wearing the Frontier logo on a web page.

Released Frontier 4.0. Updated the "download" page and the "home" page. If you already have 4.0fc1, there's no reason to download this release. Just rename your folder to Frontier 4.0, and you're current.

New pages: Cmd-J, "Clay", "Web Scripting".

Search the archives of the Frontier-talk mailing list at Blue World.

Source for the DaveNet website can be downloaded at

Source for the WWDC website can be downloaded at

Fri, May 10, 1996

The FTP outage is over. Everyone should be able to "download" Frontier 4.0fc1 now. Thanks for your patience.

"FileMaker" page goes live. Thanks to Preston Holmes and Brent Simmons for an excellent tutorial.

DaveNet website goes on the air at The most recent essay is always on the home page.

Work begins on Frontier 4.0.1. Notes on, as usual.

Started up the "WWDC" press releases page. Tested CGI scripting with Frontier 4.0. Apple press release site is at

Thu, May 9, 1996

Added "Object Model" page. Thanks to for converting this UserLand readme file to HTML.

Wed, May 8, 1996

1:29:59 PM -- Frontier 4.0fc1 is ready to "download". This version will be included on the "BBEdit" 4.0 CD.

Tue, May 7, 1996

Lots of new web pages, converted from the Aretha site on The new pages are DocServer, "Frontier is Native", "Outliner Crib Sheet", uBASE, "We Love AppleScript!".

Mon, May 6, 1996

Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 is released. Download it at

Sun, May 5, 1996

FTP connection is back! What a relief.

BMW website is powered by Frontier. A Frontier CGI script builds a customized roadster for you. View source on that page if you don't believe me. I'm going to link this into the Frontier home page, with a graphic, after I get 4.0b9 uploaded.

2:00:20 PM -- Frontier 4.0b9 is ready for "download".

Sat, May 4, 1996

Ship "date slip"s to May 12.

Fri, May 3, 1996

Thanks to Marc Andreessen for his great quote on

Thu, May 2, 1996

Letter from Rich Siegel, lead at Bare Bones, to Guy Kawasaki, Apple Fellow, about the connection between BBEdit and Frontier. Thanks Rich!

Enabled Netscape and Microsoft links on the Frontier home page. Please review and report any problems on the "Frontier-talk" list. Point your friends at Microsoft and Netscape at this page. Thanks!

Wed, May 1, 1996

Frontier 4.0b9 app is available for testing. This is a final candidate release .

Added the "Finder" page, derived from the readme file that used to ship with the FinderMenu package, linked into the Frontier home page. A careful review would be useful now. Please report problems on the "Frontier-talk" list. Thanks!

Cleaned up the "BBEdit" page and moved it into the apps directory on

Linked "BBEdit" page into the "default" page. Added the other primary apps without enabling their links.

DaveNet piece: "BlueGrass Music!"

Tue, Apr 30, 1996

Frontier 4.0b8 is available on the "download" page. Notes are linked into the "changes" page.

Sun, Apr 28, 1996

Added the "Upgrading" page, explaining how to move from previous versions of Frontier to Frontier 4.0.

Sat, Apr 27, 1996

Frontier 4.0b7 is available on the "download" page. Notes are linked into the "changes" page.

Sat, Apr 27, 1996

Netscape Navigator Atlas Gold/Mac alpha can be downloaded from their FTP site.

Sat, Apr 27, 1996

This page was started to contain news of releases for the Frontier scripting community.

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