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Finder-based Backups

The Backup sub-menu makes it easy to set up and manage backups of multiple projects, and because itÕs integrated into the Finder itÕs always easy to get to.

The key concept behind this sub-menu is your backup folder, the place where all your backups will be stored by the Backup Folder command.

Before doing any backups, determine which disk is going to contain the backup folder. It can be on your local computer, or on a network server volume. Think about how much space you want to have for backing up and how fast you want it to be. Create a new folder on that disk, call it Backups, for example, but you can name it anything you like.

Choose the Set Backup Folder command. A standard file dialog appears. Navigate to the folder you just created and put the cursor on it. The last (bottom-right) button in the dialog contains the abbreviated name of the current folder. When it points to the folder you want to use for backups, click on the button. Now youÕre ready to use the Backup Folder command.

Note: Any time you want to change your backup folder, use the Set Backup Folder command to reconfigure Frontier. Only one backup folder is used at any time. Selecting a new folder will cause all backups to go to that folder, the previous one is forgotten.

Backup Folder. In the Finder, select a folder or set of folders that you want to backup, then choose the Backup Folder command.

A new folder is created as a sub-folder in the backup folder, with the same name as the folder youÕre backing up. Inside that folder, a sub-folder is created named backup #1. All the files in the selected folder are copied into the backup #1 folder.

The second time you back up the folder, the new folder will be called backup #2, and so on. The serial number assigned is always one-greater than the highest serial number already present in the backup folder.

This command can only be used to backup folder or disk icons. It canÕt be used to backup single files.

Open Backup Folder To open the top-level of the backup folder, click on the Finder desktop to eliminate any selection and choose the Open Backup Folder command.

If you want to view a specific backup folder, select the original folder in the Finder, and choose the command. Only the backup sub-folder corresponding to the original folder is opened.

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