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File types in the Finder

The Types sub-menu makes it easy to change the file type and creator codes for a single file or batches of files.

The Macintosh Finder was originally designed to be used by computer newcomers, and it hides the details of how the file system remembers the type and creator codes for each file.

Over time, more and more power users are using the Mac Finder, and the need to examine and modify type/creator codes is real for many users. Frontier provides several commands to help with this, they're in the Types sub-menu.

Set File Type & Creator. This command presents a dialog box that allows you to change the type and creator of any file you select in the Finder.

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You may want to change the type of a file so that the application that created it will treat it differently. For example if you change the type of a TeachText file to ttro, when the file is opened itÕs treated as read-only by the TeachText application.

You can change the creator of a file if you want a different application to launch when you double-click on it. For example. if you change the creator of a Netscape text file from MOSS to MSIE, Microsoft Internet Explorer will launch and open the file when you double-click on it.

Batch File Type. This command makes it easy to change the type and creator for a group of files. Enter the type and creator code into the dialog, click on OK. All selected files, including those contained within selected folders (at all levels) are changed. This is a very powerful command, use it carefully.

Other commands. The remaining commands are shortcuts for common file type and creator codes. For example, the "Netscape Text File" command changes all selected files to be openable by Netscape Navigator.

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