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Frontier 5
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January 1998.

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A pointer to a web page that explains how to set up the NetPresenz web server to run Frontier CGIs.

See Nigel Stanger's Frontier fcgis and NetPresenz page. Clearly Mr. Stanger is running Frontier on his system.

It's clearly possible to run Frontier behind NetPresenz. But I wouldn't recommend it, given that NetPresenz isn't fully compatible with WebStar in this area, and future versions of Frontier may go beyond what they have working now. We've tried to work this out in MIDAS, but so far no luck. We'll keep pushing this.

It's not clear how compatible most web servers are with WebStar. If you're running Frontier behind something other than WebStar or NetPresenz, please send me email. Did you have to modify the sdoc handler to get it to work?

For a tutorial on CGI script writing in Frontier, see CGI Scripting in Frontier.

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