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Frontier Download Archives

Various projects that lead to where we are, dating back to 1992.

I decided this morning that it was time to clean up my hard disks, and release all old New Releases folders and Clay Basket/AutoWeb websites.

Some of these things came from the archives on the old CompuServe forum. Others are partially completed projects that never saw the light of day. Some of them are *totally complete* projects that never saw the light of day!

I've learned -- some stuff got lost, it always happens when there's a transition. Rather than take a chance on losing stuff, I erred on the side of releasing stuff. If you have time to poke around you'll find some gems here. I can't stop to document the stuff or clean it up. What you see is what you get. Work only with a backed up root. You'll find old versions of stuff here.

I think of this as a time capsule. I hope this stuff is still around twenty years from now, and I hope we can find Macs that can read the files! I have stuff from my CP/M days that I know I'll never be able to read. Anyway, I included in the Required Apps folder several out of date apps that are needed to read the docs and unpack packages. They still run on my 9500. Pay attention to the AppleLink that's included. It's scriptable. How different the world might have been if Apple had let us release it in 1992.

If anyone has a virgin copy of AutoWeb 1.0b5, I'd love to get it into the archive. I couldn't find it anywhere here. If you have any unexpanded archives you don't see on this list, let me know (please don't send them as email attachments...)

Anyway, join me on a trip down memory lane. Here's the archive!

Dave Winer
March 30, 1997

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