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Mail Shop Suite

I've finally decided its time to get my email act together.

by Dave Winer,

I get a huge volume of stuff flowing thru my inbox; a smaller amount thru my outbox.

I use Eudora. As the mailboxes fill up, Eudora gets slow. It chews up lots of disk space. So periodically I flush out the system and archive all my old mailboxes using StuffIt.

The problem is that all that mail becomes inaccessible to me. Information and important pointers get lost.

I want to create a flow, out of Eudora, thru Frontier and into FileMaker Pro. Only the important messages will flow this way.

I want a menu command in Eudora's menu bar that shoots the selected messages into FileMaker.

How to Install

You can download the first version of the Mail Shop suite from:

There are three items to install, suites.mailShop, toys.cleanMailAddress, and a new sub-menu for Eudora's shared menu. Double-click on both files to install them in Frontier.root. Say OK to all confirmation dialogs.

After installing, open up Eudora's shared menu and place the new sub-menu in a convenient location. Suggestion: put it after the "Selected Text" sub-menu.

I gave the Save in FileMaker command a single keystroke, Cmd-`, you may want to change it to something else. To edit the menu, choose the Edit Shared Menu command in the Scripts menu in Eudora.

Using the Mail Shop Suite

When you receive or send a message that you want to archive, launch Frontier, then choose the Save in FileMaker command from the Mail Shop sub-menu.

A confirmation dialog appears. Click on OK. FileMaker launches (the first time, a dialog may appear asking you to locate the FileMaker app). The mail database opens. It's created in the same folder as the Frontier application. The message appears in the FileMaker database. You may now close the file if you like, or quit FileMaker. Only quit Frontier if you're finished archiving messages for a while.

Version 0.1 Thu, Jul 18, 1996 at 11:47:22 AM by DW

I have very limited knowledge of FileMaker. I know the layout can be much prettier.

I don't know how to loop over the selection in Eudora. Help would be appreciated here too.

Otherwise it seems pretty complete and pretty useful!

Dave Winer

PS: I'd also like to be able to use Frontier's outliner to manage mailing lists for me.

PPS: And while we're at it, I'll hook the macro processor into this connection. That should be fun! Yeah.

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