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GNU Regular Expressions for Frontier

Thanks to Danis Georgiadis for adapting the GNU regex package to work inside Frontier 4.1.

We've always wanted to have regular expression pattern matching in Frontier. It's become especially important now that Frontier is doing so much text processing for website content.

I'm hoping people will download Danis Georgiadis's package and put it thru the paces. If all goes well, no crashes or memory leaks, we'd like to include this with Frontier 4.1 so people can start building applications that depend on it being there. This is version 1.0a19. Review it as if it were a final candidate.

Also: some simple commented sample scripts would be very helpful.

The package includes the full source code for the UCMD as required by the Free Software Foundation's General Public License.


Thanks to Nobumi Iyanaga for doing his RegularExpressions package.

We decided to check Danis's package out because it's an implementation of a standard and source code is included so we can be sure it works across various versions of our software and also over time.

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