Fargo the TV show
Friday, November 6, 2015 by Dave Winer

I just rewatched season 1 of Fargo. It was good to get all that fresh in my mind, getting ready to start season 2.  

It's an incredible show, as good as the movie, but different in creative ways. Many of the major elements in the movie show up in the show but with different characters at different times, it's a different story, but in some ways not really. 

Both shows have a smart woman deputy and a comic bad guy, and lots and lots of colorful supporting characters and at least two or three good twists every episode. They really have a sense of timing, I forgot how good it was. 

You'd swear it was written by the Coen Brothers, but it's not. 

And it has a sense of humor oh man the jokes are incredible! wink

PS: Here's an interview with the show runner about the season finale.