About 1999.io (coming soon)
Monday, November 23, 2015 by Dave Winer

A few notes about the new blogging software I'm working on.

It continues on the same approach I took with Manila, and refined with Radio UserLand. A home page from which everything radiates. 

A focus on simplicity, an intense level of factoring to reduce the number of steps it takes to post something new or edit an existing post.

I wanted the fluidity of Twitter and Facebook. It should be just as easy to create a new post as it is to write a tweet, of course without the 140 char limit.

Here's a screen shot of me editing the initial version of this post.

The central innovation of Manila was Edit This Page. I take that one step further in this product. If you see something that needs changing, just click, edit, Save. This is easier than Facebook, and of course editing posts is not possible in Twitter.

I think of this as the first post-Twitter post-Facebook blogging system. 

The motto of the software: Blogging like it's 1999!

The name of the product: 1999.io.

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.

PS: This is a 1999.io post.

  • "coming soon"! - looking forward to this - I was a Radio UserLand customer

    • me too. 

  • ha, love the domain name!

  • Does the reply button show up only after clicking like?

    • No - to reply, click the triangle icon just left of the like icon.

      • I wonder how he posted the reply in the first place? blush

        • This doesn't seem to be the case in the comments. But for replying to the post itself, the reply button works only after clicking like (for me that is). It's greyed out in the triangle drop down before that. 

  • I just spent an hour or more reading 1999.io. Even tried to login via twitter to it. It finally told me off that I am not whitelisted. Hah. :-}

    As to why I wanted to login, it was to comment on a mention of Voxer there. I was wondering how different it is from WhatsApp. Now realise it is:
    (1) Voxer is WhatsApp and more.https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-Voxer-and-WhatsApp . 
    (2) Voxer is not in Facebook hands. http://www.trutower.com/2014/02/22/voxer-push-to-talk-whatsapp-acquisition-facebook/

    • BTW, you can link from words, you don't have to paste the URLs directly in the post. Just select the word, a menu appears, click the link icon, paste the URL and click the checkmark. Much easier for the reader. BTW, we use the excellent open source medium-editor software. 

  • BTW, here's a demo of the Edit This Page functionality. You're already familiar with this, because it's the same way you edit your replies, except it also works on the posts, if you created it.

  • Thank you for your work, I am always curious and excited about what you cook up next!