Getting started with Electron
Thursday, December 3, 2015 by Dave Winer

First I want to say I totally appreciate the work Andrew Shell has put into creating a nice environment for me to work in, in nw.js.

That said, it has never gotten easy, so I decided today to try Electron, which is the same idea but done more recently by GitHub. I had looked at it a year or so ago and got nowhere. But today, I got somewhere, very quickly.

I got their Hello World app up and running in a few minutes. That caught me by surprise. It's always a bit disturbing when something you thought would be hard and take a long time was easy and takes almost no time. 

So I went for a walk and thought about what my next step should be. I decided I should throw caution to the wind and try to get River4 running in this shell. 

Bad news: It worked the first time. :-)

Now I'm realllly thrown for a loop. I need to scratch my head for a few hours and figure out where to go from here!

Update: Here's where the story continues.