On being appreciated
Tuesday, December 15, 2015 by Dave Winer

Over on Facebook, a longtime friend pays tribute to my past accomplishments, mostly 20 years ago, but blows by the work I'm doing now. 

A bunch of people Like the post. 

It feels like a funeral to me. 

Another story...

A close friend from childhood who I see every couple of years for a few minutes, says he knows me very well! To prove it he tells a story of how I was so entertaining, as a child. This also feels like a funeral. I'm not that child anymore. Sure some of who I am originated in that child. But I'm an adult now. Lots of life has passed by since then. 

One more story...

I have friends who were children twenty years ago. I had lunch with one of them last weekend. It's wonderful to see what a nice young man he has become. Very very different from the little boy I used to know. Nothing wrong there. People grow up, and they change. I have an idea where this person came from. But that's not where he is now.

So to my friends on Facebook, please, if you love me, know that I am still alive! I am creating new stuff. Stuff you would like, I think, if you looked. Here's one of them, Happy Friends, a mailbox-style reader for Twitter. I can't imagine life without it. It helps me keep up with friends who post infrequently on Twitter. Some of the most valuable friendships I have. 

  • i know it ain't going to happen but i'd love to get all of your software as a service, i.e. dave winer's latest software as a service (i don't care if things break, i would use it as a platform for experiments!).